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The Da Vinci Code, both the novel and the movie, is rather disturbing to me. Although I have yet to read the book or see the movie (as it has not been released yet, and I’m more likely to pay to see the movie), I don’t like the notoriety or positive publicity it is receiving.

What bothers me the most is how QUICKLY people swallow anything that clouds the life of Christ – anything that hints at discrediting Him or His Word. If I was to publish a book about the life of Mohammed and basically cast shadows on his life story, the Koran, etc., do you think people would just assume that my “novel” was based in reality because I said so? Do you think it would upset a Muslims? Do you think I would be lauded and praised, or would I be criticized for not being religiously correct or tolerant? Would I even be persecuted for writing a tantalizing “story” about someone that millions of people believe in? That they believe in enough they are willing to live their lives for and die for Him?

Oh wait, that’s right – many people simply believe that Jesus was a “good man” and not the Son of God. And since Christians are supposed to “turn the other cheek”, I should be able to tolerate someone’s slanted, negative depiction of the One I believe in, right? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that ANYONE is trying to slander the Lord or His Life and Work because isn’t that the intent & purpose of The Enemy? And by “enemy”, I don’t mean the author of The Da Vinci code, Dan Brown, I am referring to The Enemy of God, Satan. However, the author when asked in an interview whether his “novel” was based in fact, stated that it was based in “historical fact.” (See the link “Debunking the Da Vinci Code” to the right of the blog.)

Why aren’t more of those who put their faith in Christ speaking out against this? Maybe it’s too early. Maybe they understand that people will believe what they want to. Maybe they don’t realize the danger yet. I haven’t yet decided if I will read the book. I may see the movie and add an updated opinion about the whole thing here at a later date.

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  1. Dad Baker Says:

    Old Slewfoot is at it still! The book/movie is fiction depicted as fact. Every mature Christian should read/see the story for the purpose of “knowing your enemy” and to know how to intelligently speak to the unbeliever about the lies presented as truth. It is not enough to just say “I don’t believe it.” I haven’t read/seen the story myself yet. However, I did see a program on TV about the book, the gist of which is that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and they had children, and that they have descendants living today. But they live in “secret” because of all the trouble it would cause if they “came out.” I will probably read the book as well as see the movie sometime soon.

    If Satan could get any number of people to believe that lie, imagine how many he could keep from finding the truth and becoming Christians! His methods/tactics really haven’t changed at all since he was thrown out of Heaven. “If you tell the lie long enough and often enough it will eventually become truth.” Hitler believed that and look what he accomplished!

    Believers should get educated about the enemy and seek the truth from the One Who is Truth. The ONLY book that we can completely trust as written truth is the Bible. “Thy word is truth” (Jn 17:17) All other books are subject to self-inspiration rather than Holy Spirit inspiration.

    As a Marine, I wanted to know everything I could about the men I was fighting in South Viet Nam. I know that the training that I received was the best in the world, but that knowing how my enemy was trained was just as important. The same policy holds true for my Christian life. I don’t simply want to know what to believe, but WHY to believe what I believe. As a teacher, that is my goal. Too many Christians fall for error and false teaching because they are following a man or a church program, rather than The Man, Christ Jesus! We all need to know why we believe the way we do and not fear challenging error when we hear it. We cannot do that unless we are well-grounded in the Word ourselves.

    There is a danger in “new” believers being exposed to the lies of the Da Vinci Code. I would not recommend it to the immature Christian. Unfortunately, MOST Christians are immature. At least that is my opinion. What do you think?

    Enough on this subject until I have seen/read the story…..


  2. Mommy Deb Says:

    I agree it could be detrimental for even some Christians to read the book or see the movie. It certainly has to be compared to Scripture and viewed as “a novel” and not based on fact. I think the line between fact and fiction is being blurred here, and that is where the greatest danger lies.

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