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Today is May 2 – voting day. Even though I work with a Political Science department at a university, I’m not the most up-to-date on all of the issues. I’m not one to watch the news 24 hours a day – or even 1 hour a day to be honest. I like to know the highlights, important events, but haven’t paid too much attention to all of the issues coming up for vote.

However, I do think voting is important. Even if I only vote on the things I’m aware of, it is important for me to be there and make my statement. Too many people whine about not being given a voice, and then when it comes time to vote, they are lazy and indifferent. Can’t have it both ways.

As far as all the immigration news – Greg & I were talking about it this morning. They were showing the millions of folks marching in LA and other places and talking about the economic impact of it all. Greg looked at me and asked, “How did that affect us? In what way were we impacted by their march? We weren’t. The Midwest wasn’t affected by it.” The news reported that 27% of students stayed home from classes in the LA area. I’m wondering if they were ALL Hispanic, or if any percentage of those folks stayed home as a statement to support the cause, or even just used it as an excuse to take a day off from school.

My thought is this: If you want to be in America and work in America and take advantage of the American Dream, become an American. Don’t stay here illegally and march in the streets as if you have a right to access the same rights as American citizens. If my children are required to learn Spanish in order to communicate more effectively with those who emigrate here from Mexico, than those same immigrants should be required to learn English in order to communicate more effectively in return. I have no problem with people wanting to be in America and live the American dream, but it IS called the “AMERICAN dream” for a reason…

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  1. NanaBaker Says:

    Amen Sister! Preach it – I have to agree totally!

  2. Dad Baker Says:

    Immigration – The illegals paid to get here, let them pay to leave…the US Govt should not have to pay to transport them back to their home of origin…but they should be forced to go and come back legally or not at all.

    The crap about Americans not wanting to work those jobs that the illegals work is a farce…the employers love to pay pennies for what should cost dollars in wages…the American workers are not being offered those jobs in the first place…the minimum wage should be forced on every employer, no matter what the commodity or product they put out…and that minimum wage should not be federally mandated…we all know that it costs more to live in certain parts of the country…the wage should be set accordingly.

    Also, there should be NO free $$ for anyone…if all the people on welfare who are physically able to work were placed in the jobs that the illegals now hold, we could “kill two birds with one stone”…make people work for their living and close down much of the welfare system in one fell swoop…Single parents could place their kids in private day cares who could also hire American workers for a compatible wage.

    Those who are able should also be put to work on our national parks, state parks, road gangs, bridge repair/paint crews and many other jobs that have been neglected for too long…

    We don’t need a fence to keep the illegals out…just a few Marines with machine guns and the authority to use them on “criminals” who are entering the US illegally…After a few days in the hot sun the aroma alone would slow down or prevent others from trespassing across the national borders.

  3. Mommy Deb Says:

    Dad – good comments. The minimum wage problem is similar to the education problem in the country. Instead of raising the bar and expecting more from students, education standards have been lowered to include the students who don’t care or who need special education but are forced through the mainstream. No wonder kids get discouraged or drop out early… Don’t get Greg started on the welfare business…

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