Spring Has Sprung

Greg & I took Claira to Kingwood Center last weekend. They have one pair of gorgeous black swans. They lazily swam their way over to us hoping for some crackers or bread (which we didn’t have). Kingwood Center is gorgeous – and they have a whole garden of peonies budding – we will go back later this month so after the peonies bloom, and hopefully go back in June to enjoy the very large, very lovely rose garden.

This was taken at an awkward angle, but I think the colors turned out well. There were 2 male peacocks that we saw at Kingwood, both of which were being chased by children (whose parents kept yelling at them to stop but did NOTHING to stop them – UGH!). They loudly called out their “woman in distress” cry many times throughout the time we visited. They both flaunted their gorgeous tails several times, but usually right after I’d put my camera away… I really enjoyed watching them.

Here is the not-so-drab peahen. She actually carries the same irridescent feathers on her neck as the male and was quietly hunting insects when we came upon her. Maybe God made the male more lovely to look at, so that predators (or bratty children) would chase them and leave alone the female who might be nesting…

Happy Beautiful Spring!

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