TGIF! It’s Cinco De Mayo!!!

Yes – one more excuse to overindulge in Mexican food! Like I need another reason for that. Greg & I will probably have lunch together – chips & salsa, of course! We joke about our poor attempts at speaking any Spanish at all – neither one of us studied it and only know a few basic common phrases, so our attempts are somewhat entertaining and we make each other laugh.

After I got out of my shower, I heard Miss Claira cry and went to get her out of her crib. She was sitting up in the corner of her crib with her head in an awkward position because of one of her hanging crib toys. That’s the first time she’s brought herself to an upright position without help – Yay for her! So we celebrated that with her. Then, Greg called on his way to take a test at school and said Mama Taylor called him to ask if he knew she could crawl. He told her we’ve only seen her just recently manage to get up onto her hands & knees, but apparently she decided to jump that hurdle today, too, and is crawling on all fours! What a big day for her!

You know, I have to stop and think about how excited I get for her when she learns or accomplishes something new. She gets cheers & clapping and we smile and encourage her. It is a big deal because she is growing and changing and we both want to encourage her. But I know I don’t do that enough for myself, and it is something I should work on…

Maybe my May 5 resolution should be cheering myself on more, even for the little accomplishments…

Have a great one!

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