Need I Say More?

Teething… Claira has 2 teeth on the bottom, but more coming in on top & bottom. She really only gets cranky when her teeth hurt or she is very tired… If you are familiar with Anne Geddes, there is a picture of a baby laying on pink peonies – she’s holding her feet and grinning – all you can see are her 2 bottom teeth because her nose is all scrunched up with her grinning. Claira has started doing that and it cracks us up!!!

Still teething, but enjoying it. She is starting to feed herself more & more and likes to have a spoon when she’s eating her baby food. I haven’t yet let her feed herself baby food entirely, but she’s figuring it out. She really likes the little vegetable or fruit puffs they make now, and is really developing her pincer grasp.

I think she looks like Tweety bird in this picture. =) This was taken about 10 days ago.

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  1. Lori Says:

    Debbie…she sure is growing fast. It is so hard to believe that just last summer you were pregnant with her…time sure does fly. She is just absolutely beautiful!!! ~~Lori

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