Happy Day

I want to wish my brother and his wife, Dan & Kym, a very happy anniversary. I believe this is their 12th and I hope they are able to celebrate in style. Dan & Kym have two really great kids, Ashtyn & Ethan, who are a lot of fun to visit with. Happy Anniversary!

It is also my friend, Carrie’s, birthday. Carrie & I have known each other for a long time and she has always been a good friend to me. She is a Dr. Pepper fan and has an extensive collection of Dr. Pepper memorabilia. Carrie lives near Kansas City, Missouri, and I miss her very much. Happy Birthday, Bess!!!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the birthday wish! Dr. Pepper still rocks, got a couple new signs for my birthday. Have a great Mom’s day! Love, Carrie

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