Very Happy Mama!

After having a FANTASTIC fish fry (with hush puppies, onion rings, homemade lime bread & butter pickles, etc.) with chocolate covered strawberries, cream cheese pound cake and homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert (yeah, I’m gaining weight by the minute), we got to go out and play in the pool. That was GREAT. The pool was a perfect 86 degrees (which was noticeably cooler than the air) and Claira stayed in until she was pruney. We had splash fights and got more pics, but don’t have them uploaded yet. Greg was even coaxed in and we all had a great time. Cl;aira just splashed and kicked and squealed – she got water in her face, and for the most part, enjoyed every minute being out there.

Mikhael is pretty darn huggable. We talked about a lot of his traits, characteristics, and mannerisms and even shared the similarities in behavior between Claira & Mikhael as a baby. I think he got a big kick out of that. I can certainly see a lot of Baker in him. From being allergic to mosquitoes (I know what misery that is) to certain hand movements & facial expressions while he talks (seriously, if he had a shaved head and a goatee, I would swear he was my brother, David) – there is no denying that the Baker genes are alive & kicking… I can’t stop hugging him- and Claira is quite comfortable with him and his entire family. Greg has been so sweet and for being a generally reserved, quiet kind of guy, he has been very warm, friendly, and funny.

I need to go, but wanted to drop another post today. This visit has been a long-held dream in my heart, and when you realize you are living a dream come true, you have to enjoy every second of it!!!

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