Monday, Monday…

This has been a great weekend. Mikhael and I got to have some time talking last night and it was really great. He has really enjoyed hearing how he is like so-and-so in my family, and where he got some of his traits & characteristics. He is a Starbucks fiend, has a sarcastic sense of humor, keeps reminding me he is taller than me (which both of my brothers used to do on a regular basis), and when he was rounding out of the kitchen as I was walking into it this morning, I had that distinct feeling again that I was looking into a mirror.

I am VERY blessed to have been a part of Mikhael’s life, even from a distance. And now that I have been invited to share it up close & personal, I feel grateful & humbled & honored. I also have a husband who has been very supportive and loving and has been a strength for me. Now we have a daughter, who can grow up and know her big brother because of the generosity of several hearts.

We are already discussing our next visit and when we can get together again. Mikhael would really like to meet my family, and I hope it is something we can all work out.

I love Mikhael Shane so much, and feel almost like we were never apart in some ways. I am glad he was willing to meet me and wants me to be part of his life. Cyndi & Darrel have been so hospitable and warm and welcoming, and well, Southern. I think I’ve gained 7 or 8 lbs and enjoyed every second of it. =) We can’t hug enough, we can’t share enough. I am very blessed.

It’s time to head to the airport, so I will sign off now. I thank God for what He has given me.

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  1. NanaB Says:

    How precious to read your joyous thoughts – I’m so happy for this new stage in your life, and am so
    proud of the woman you are. You have been my HERO for a long time, and you continue to strengthen those thoughts in me, again and again. LOVE YOU SO MUCH DEAR DAUGHTER! XO

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You bless my soul! Not because of all of what you have done, but because you are you and you are so willing to let God work through you. Thank you for sharing this weekend with us. You have a beautiful family and I feel such joy that oozes out from your presence that I know that it is the spirit of the Lord. Oh bless my soul and all that is within me, bless His HOLY Name.

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