Happy Birthday, Caden

Today, David’s youngest child, Caden, turns 1. Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Caden is a pretty happy little fella and will have his birthday party tomorrow. Dave & Lyn’s tradition for first birthdays includes the child’s own cake which they get to demolish at will. This picture is from Christmas – I don’t have any recent pictures of him right now, so I will try to post some birthday pics tomorrow if I can.

Claira has been rough on previous visits with Caden (pulling his hair and making him cry) and hopefully will be nicer to him for his birthday… She plays pretty rough with her daddy (you should see her pull Greg’s hair – oh my word!) She is testing her new biting skills, and also her kissing skills, so we’ll see what she decides to give Caden for his first birthday. Hopefully it will be the nicer option, so in a couple of months when SHE turns 1, he can return the favor…

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