Holiday Weekends

I love holiday weekends – an extra day off – it seems to make a world of difference in my week.

Saturday, 9/2, we had the King family reunion in Pioneer, OH. Mom hosted her dad & 3 brothers and all of the families – we were able to use a large room at the VFW in town and it was a really nice get together. I don’t get to se my cousins, Charity & Faith Ann, very often, so it was really great to be able to visit with them and their families, and everybody else. My brothers & their families were there, although Dave got called out to a grass fire just as they were arriving at the party (He’s on the volunteer fire department in Pioneer).

Grandpa King turned 81 9/3, so we had a “Happy Birthday” theme. It was pretty exciting for him. My uncles bought him a CD player and re-recorded albums from his days singing in a gospel quartet, The Galileans. He was beside himself and sang loud & proud while they played. When the birthday ice cream cake arrived, so did one of Grandpa’s old Navy buddies. They served together on the USS Intrepid during WWII in the South Pacific. It was quite a birthday surprise and they were able to visit and catch up.

Today, we had family pictures taken. Greg & I haven’t had formal pictures taken since our wedding and we’ve had no professional ones of Claira since her birth. I’ve been taking tons of pics with my digital camera and they always seemed okay. Well, we made up for that today. We’ll be getting a Photo CD and I can post pics online for everybody. Claira was nearly perfect – she likes having her picture taken and she liked the photographer today – she was a little ham, and we even changed outfits and she was happy as she could be!!!

We’re having a cookout at Joe & Thelma’s today, with Kev & Janice and the kids, Johnny (Ed’s son) and the 3 of us. Emma & Kyle were in the Huck Finn fishing derby today – they do this every year. The kids use cane poles and win prizes, etc. Emma caught a 18″ catfish and Kyle caught a 19″ catfish! We haven’t all been together for a meal in months, and it’s nice to be able to have the time to share today.

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