Rescue the Prisoner

Song Lyrics from Twila Paris’ 1993 Album: Beyond A Dream

See the insolent man standing on the street – Hear the thundering sound of rebellious feet
Demanding rights Defending wrong – It can bring the righteous blood to boil
And we ask, “Oh Lord, how long? – Oh Lord, how long?”
This is not the enemy, flesh and blood have been deceived
When we move beyond the anger
We will see

We’ve got to rescue the prisoner
Rescue the prisoner
Prisoner of war
That’s what He came here for
Rescue the prisoner
Rescue the prisoner

In the beautiful land, hear the rivers cry – See the innocent ones learning well a lie:
“There is no right There is no wrong” – It can almost make your blood run cold
And we pray, “Lord, make us strong – Lord, make us strong”
This is not the enemy, Jesus died to make them free
Love will reach behind the danger
Come with me


We are called to be a light
That even blinded eyes can see
To break the chains
To bind the wounds
And to proclaim the captive free

Chorus repeat

I will comment further on this tomorrow…

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