Good news or Bad news first???

I always prefer the bad news first and the good news last so there is at LEAST a chance for swift recovery from the depths of despair…

Has anyone seen “The Money Pit?” Okay – our house is a mini-version of that… My dad came down Sunday afternoon to spend a couple of nights helping Greg fix a leak in our basement – WHICH of course has turned into digging a 5-6 foot trench in the front of our house and the discovery of 2 leaks outside, resulting in mold problems on the inside… It is being fixed – but it will take some time to get the inside finished and the mold removed. Which will HELP us in the long run (allergies, etc.) but is a real PAIN for the guys to have to deal with.

Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day to get started on the project and allowed for a lot of work to be done. The concrete had a chance to dry out from the very wet-clay-dirt we have and they’re working to patch it today. Also, the toilet seat was fixed and THAT is a blessing…

Neighbor (someone who has caused some problems for Greg and his brother, Kevin before) complained about our rooster crowing and we have to get rid of all of the chickens. UGH! JUST after we find that a hen is setting on 8 eggs. Greg is really upset and I’m really sad. I don’t spend much time around them, but I have actually become accustomed to and welcome the rooster crows in the mornings. Really. I enjoy them. I enjoyed the prospects of chicks and seeing what our little “flock” might produce…

We’re giving them to one of my dad’s friends who has a farm & land and other animals. We’ll be able to see them again and find out just what kind of offspring will come from a splash silkie pullet ( – click on “Spoyld Silkies” to the left and you’ll see a good shot of one in the middle 2nd row) and a red game cockerel ( We’ll have to wait and see what happens. The eggs may not survive the transfer, but if they do, I hope to take some pictures of the results. We will just wait until we have some land and then we’ll have chickens to our heart’s content!!!

Greg found my camera – it had fallen from the diaper bag (where I was sure I had put it) into a case of bottled water that we’d left in the car for a week. We have a filter pitcher, but decided to put the bottled water in the fridge to chill before my dad got here and they got to work. TA-DA!!! I was VERY happy to see it and immediately began taking pics of Claira (which I don’t have with me today, but will update soon!)

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