Good News Update

So, in the process of applying to Liberty University, a lot of really great things have happened. My financial aid paperwork is still under review, but I found out on Friday that 31 credit hours transferred from my courses I took in 1991-1992 at BBC! Two of them are Psych courses (my major) and 1 is a required English course. The others are all electives, which is just fine by me.

I just found out at lunchtime that the Chemistry class I took right after high school (in 1988 – and for those of you who are reading this that were born AFTER 1988, NO AGE WISECRACKS, please!) also transferred in 3 credits for a required science class! Woohoo!!! I’ve got another English Comp class I took just a few years ago that I hope will transfer in for the other required English course. It’s getting exciting!!!

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