School Days

So – I’m official. Financial Aid paperwork has been completed. I have registered for courses. Text books are on their way to me. Courses begin the week of January 1. I am really excited and looking forward to getting started!

Because I’m taking distance learning program, the courses break down differently. I’ll be taking a History and Math course for 8 weeks beginning 1/1, then I take a Bible and Humanities course for 8 weeks beginning 2/26. I like the idea of being “full time” but only having to concentrate on 2 courses at a time. I may be taking a regular semester course at Ashland University during the spring semester, but Greg & I are talking through that idea… Yay!!!

I ended up transferring in 37.3 credits. Don’t ask me how I got 3.3 credits anywhere, but it happened, and I’ll take it thank you very much! Many transferred in as general electives, but some counted toward general ed & major requirements.

From start to finish, this has been “a God thing.” I began searching out colleges out of curiousity and every step I took in this direction was just laid out for me. I struggled SO MUCH when I was in school before because I didn’t know what direction I was going, but this has all fallen into place without any effort on my part. I feel like this is something for me to FINISH, but also feel like it’s taking me to a different chapter in my life and I’m very excited!!!

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