Happy Birthday Sweetness!

Today is my handsome Hubby’s 37th birthday. When I woke him up this morning and said, “Happy Birthday,” he said “I’m 28 today.” Yes, he is living in denial…

His mom will make his traditional banana pudding today. As much as Greg LOVES cake (and I mean the bakery kind with the sugary icing), for his birthday, he always wants banana pudding, and his mom makes it from scratch. I believe it was Mommy Reynolds’ recipe, and now his mom makes it every year. It is SO good – we’re all looking forward to that tonight… His mom has learned to make a batch just for Greg and a batch for everybody else…

I’m giving him a cologne sampler – it’s what he asked for, and in the end, I get to reap some of the benefits. =) I hope he has a great day and enjoys his day off (even though he IS running errands today).

I love you, Sweetie. I’m glad we are married. It’s a happy start to our week of celebration!!!

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  1. NanaB Says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MAN IN MY DAUGHTER’S LIFE! And sweet daddy to precious Miss Claira! We’ll try to talk with Greg sometime today….enjoy the day off! XO

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