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It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, and I actually have a few minutes, so I felt like talkin’.

Spring 2007 classes will end for me April 22 – school is winding down – besides the ACCURSED Math class (beginner’s math, mind you), I have LOVED every minute of my online lectures, my homework, the papers… It has been an incredible challenge and I’ve really done better with it than I expected to. I’m not talking about grades, because while I want to do my best, the pressure to achieve straight A’s does not exist for me anymore. Come on – get real – I work full-time, I’m a wife, I’m a mom – why should I stress myself about whether I get an A or B if I’m actually learning something? Settling into a routine has been difficult, but having the internet at home and with Greg’s help, I’ve been able to get a handle on it and really enjoy it. I’m anxious for warmer spring weather so I can plant my small garden and get some flowers in the ground – if the deep freeze will ever leave us alone…

Claira is growing up WAY too fast. Seriously. This girl is more than I can comprehend sometimes. She pushes every one of my buttons (good & bad) and sometimes within seconds of each other. She uses the word “No,” quite effectively, and although it hampers our morning routine and getting out the door, she is displaying a very sharp mind and strong opinion and I’m GLAD she is not a pushover. She IS bossy & strong-willed & has “attitude” – all of which she inherited in part from her mother. At moments, I am proud of that fact; at others, it’s the most frustrating thing in the world. She is also SO affectionate and funny and LOVES to laugh. She & I have great play times together and the greater her ability for conversation becomes, the more enjoyable and wonderful I think she is.

Kaity (Kaitlyn Isabell) is coming right along. I am feeling much more movement in the past 2 weeks and that has been wonderful. Greg (FINALLY) felt her move for the first time this morning. I still feel like she is a tad more gentle than Claira was – and I am sensing somewhat of a pattern with her. I am really trying to watch my caffeine – she is certainly reactive to it – and I don’t want her born with the caffeine addiction to which I am prone… Seriously – caffeine withdrawal is miserable. But she has her morning “play” time and her afternoon “play” time. Occasionally I wake up in the middle of the night because of her movement, but it usually signals one of two things: I need to use the restroom, or I am STARVING. So, she is consistent!!! All ultrasounds and checks show her to be developing healthy – and somewhat bigger at her stage, but nothing to be concerned about. Of course, I’ll be subjected to the ever-lovely glucose tolerance test in a month (GAG!), but everything so far – is so good.

Greg, bless his heart, is really finding his way into the counseling community. His first job was not what they initially told him it would be, and combined with the on-call hours during the week and weekends, he decided it wasn’t for him and was concerned he couldn’t be there for me if I needed him. As that door was closing, several others opened up, and he is still continuing to interview at various places. Right now, he is working part-time at an alcohol / substance abuse counseling office in Sandusky. He was just hired Monday to work at a Christian counseling office in Sandusky on an “as needed” basis (working with his part-time hours at the other office), and they have already called him with 6 referrals!!! His main part-time job is posing some concerns because his supervisor (with the proper licensure to supervise him) is leaving, and he would be left without a credentialed supervisor to document his hours with the state. In the mean time, he got ANOTHER call for a 2nd interview at a place in Mansfield, and has an interview scheduled there next week. I suggested that it’s possible that this new door has opened because the other in Sandusky may be closing – and we are really taking it one day at a time. He’s somewhat concerned, as he always is, about his role as provider, but the bare-bones truth is that JEHOVAH-JIREH continues to open the door, even with all of the struggles and roadblocks we’ve faced in our marriage – and we can really only rely on Him… Greg has always done his best and always looks out for us and just knowing he WANTS to provide for us is really sweet and wonderful.

Enjoy the pics of Claira – I will try to post her Easter pics this weekend!

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