So, Greg was hired at the local job in Mansfield, and will end the first part-time job in Sandusky May 18. The Mansfield job will begin part-time and go full-time rather quickly, according to his new supervisor. So, he is sorta working 4 part-time jobs at this point, will whittle it down to 3 in a couple of weeks, and may be down to 2 some time in June.

Claira is definitely in a new “phase” and we’re trying to work through it. At our church small group, there are several other babies younger than Claira. She seems to like them and wants to hug or kiss on them, but in her enthusiasm, she tends to pull them down and then it’s like she becomes a WWF or RAW wrestler with them… Yikes! We’re a little concerned with how to handle this. She obviously does NOT like to share, and she is big for her age, and she plays rough. She plays a lot with her older cousins (6 and 4), and it seems thinks she is bigger than she really is, and after talking about it last night, Greg & I agree that she probably doesn’t play enough with kids her own age to know how to be a little bit gentler… She’s not a bully (yet) and I think we can steer her at this early point to becoming a bit gentler and learning how to play like a 2 year old. =) Am I crazy to think that?

I’m feeling odd these days. Having some nausea, and even vomiting, and my stomach seems to be reverting back to its more sensitive stage like in the first trimester. I’m at 25 1/2 weeks, and my belly is starting to feel full and heavy and I’m definitely having hot flashes. I’ve also become prone to bursting into tears (gotta love the hormones) at very random and unpredictable moments, so needless to say, it’s a little scary to be me these days. I can only imagine how scary it is to be AROUND me these days… Allergies are the bane of my existence right now and they may be contributing to the nausea

My digital camera is on the fritz and pretty well needs to be replaced. Here I am at 6 months and haven’t taken ANY belly pics. ARGH!!! I got my hair chopped off yesterday and feel SO MUCH BETTER and it’s easy to style, and even though it’s short, Greg commented that he thinks its cute, so all in all that was a good choice for me. I need to spend less time getting ready in the mornings and having all that heat-inducing hair off my neck is great!

So, these are the most current happenings in my life and I’m literally taking it one moment at a time. =)

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