Little Miss Sunshine

First, I need to brag on Greg a little bit. Yesterday, his work schedule was a little light, so he stayed home part of the day and I walked into a VERY neat & straightened house last night!!! It was SO great! We’re in the midst of upgrading our basement – the paneling has been ripped off the walls, and part of the insulation in one area where we had a small leak. There are little piles of rubble from the demolition in various spots throughout the basement, and he & his dad moved some bigger items out Sunday night – and then yesterday, he sorted & cleaned up & straightened the kitchen & living room and it was just REALLY fantastic… Thank you, Honey!!!

Here’s our Little Miss Sunshine… This is from Mother’s Day Weekend. She really likes having her picture taken, which is helpful, but always wants to “see” the picture afterwards. Since she’s used to digital cameras, she doesn’t “get it” when she can’t see her pic on a regular one…

Greg & I Mother’s Day weekend. I’m at 26 weeks in this picture. Mom took me shopping at Fashion Bug and I found some great tops that weren’t maternity tops, but because of the “fashion” of the day, I can pass them off as maternity tops. WOOHOO!!! I hate spending money on maternity clothes that I’ll only wear for a couple of months and not be able to use more long term, so that was a good deal – this is one of those tops…

Every child should know where their “Inner Goofy” comes from, don’t you think???

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  1. NanaBaker Says:

    AHHHH HA! Finally able to post here – love seeing this bunch of smiling faces – and Miss Sunshine is the perfect nickname for precious Miss Claira Ruth – can’t wait to see these smiling faces for myself this weekend! XO

  2. cafegirl Says:

    How cute is Claira!!!! Love the photos! You look wonderful…and yes, the inner goofy needs to come out. šŸ™‚ It’s hilarious when they want to see the photo after every one, isn’t it!! I can’t imagine if I went to a film camera…Bella would FREAK out! Have a great day!

  3. Shanna Says:

    You look FAB, girl! And Claira is so adorable and such a ham!


    It’s been too long since I checked in here, nice to “catch up” with you.

    Loads of love,

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