Glucose Test

Got my glucose test results back and apparently failed miserably. Doctor said the results were “terrible” and I need to start monitoring my sugar. I’m getting a glucometer & test strips, sheets to record everything on, and have a consultation with a nutritionist next week. So, some things will be changing in our house, and until I’ve met with the dr & nutritionist I’m kinda in limbo and just trying to watch my sugar / carb intake until I know more. Loverly. No more starbucks (I will survive) and will just take it one day at a time…

Planning Greg’s graduation party on Saturday afternoon – He’s actually walking the line Saturday morning and I’m SOOOOO excited!!! I’m really proud of him and keep threatening to embarrass him at graduation by yelling & holding up signs, but won’t do anything TOO embarrassing… He’s adjusting to his new job – his hours suck right now, but hopefully in time, they’ll become more “normal” and regular and things will even out.

Claira is hitting the terrible twos. Can that happen BEFORE she turns two??? She’s not terrible – she just has some real sassiness (I can’t take ALL the blame for that) and is starting to throw fits – it’s getting interesting… But she’s mostly sweet and cuddly and funny and we just try to get through those difficult moments when they happen and enjoy everything else. She’s putting sentences together every day and it’s fun being able to talk with her. I’ve got more recent pics and will try to get them uploaded soon.

Kaity is having a party in utero at the moment – can’t tell if she’s doing the Bump or the Hustle – but she’s a mover & shaker right now. =) Can’t wait to see her!!!

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  1. cafegirl Says:

    Not only can they start BEFORE they turn two…they can last WELL INTO the threes. UGH!!! Good luck! 🙂

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