A Lot of News!!!

You have to know how odd it is for me to be talking about & celebrating Mikhael’s birthday at the same time I’m preparing to have Kaity… I just needed to say it.

Today is Mikhael’s 19th birthday! Wow! It’s hard to believe. He was SUCH a cute baby (if I do say so myself) and looking at his pictures through the years, I am so blessed to have been a part of his life – even from afar. I wish him a VERY happy birthday! He is a blessing from God.

Pregnancy Update:
So the diagnosis of gestational diabetes was a pretty difficult blow – but having met with the nutritionist last Tuesday, I got a grip on it and actually felt like it was very similar to what I did with Weight Watchers a few years ago. Not that I’m dieting, per se – but being conscious of what I’m eating, writing it all down and tracking carbohydrates (vs points with WW), it has felt a lot like that and I was able to really get a handle on it. I’m testing my blood sugar 4 times every day – and am getting into a decent pattern.

Had my 1st dr visit yesterday since meeting with the nutritionist – and the dr was very excited about my progress, which made ME very excited, as well. She was concerned about having to put me on medication, but after looking at my numbers, she said if I keep it up, we’ll just use the diet & exercise to control the diabetes.

AND – get this, I lost 9 lbs in one week!!! I could NOT believe it – they could not believe it – and they were concerned that I wasn’t eating, but I kept looking at my chart, because I feel like I’m eating non stop!!! So, for this pregnancy, I currently have a net weight gain of 7 lbs.

Next Tuesday I start my biweekly ultrasounds (to watch Kaity’s growth & size) and weekly Biophysical Profiles (like an ultrasound only more detailed and checking for specific things) and Non Stress Tests (to watch Kaity’s development & movements). The regular ultrasound tech at the hospital is FABULOUS and very helpful to explain things and answer questions when she can – I love visiting with her, so in some ways it’ll be fun to see her that often.

So, that’s the latest…

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