She’s HEEEEeeeerrrrrreeeeee!!!

After several hours of labor (and the relief of a blessed MAGIC epidural), Princess KT, made her entrance into the world on Tuesday, July 17 at 4:37 pm. She was born with a thick head of dark hair, dark blue eyes, long fingers and toes – and a big sister who cannot get enough of her.

In the true spirit and sense of adventure inspired by her mother, KT made a pit stop on the way home from the hospital at Panera Bread and Cold Stone Creamery…

The little princess spent a couple of days at a hospital in Mansfield for phototherapy due to Jaundice. She came out still looking like she’s been on a Caribbean cruise – while her mother looks (and feels) somewhat less rested…

We are all happy to have her here and are adjusting to our new family member. Daddy has gone back to work and is suffering withdrawals from all of his girls, as we are from him…

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  1. cafegirl Says:

    Congratulations, Deb!!! I’m so happy that Kaity has arrived! Enjoy your little bundle and your little whirlwind of a 2 year old, too! hard to do, but they are so much fun… Wish I could be there to meet them and hold your little one!!! Dawn

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