Family time

So, we experienced a new family adventure today: Family Pictures. Considering that we all slept until 7:00 am this morning – which has to be some kind of record – and my sleep was unbroken by Princess KT’s need for bottles – I woke up feeling very optimistic.

Alas, reality set in far too soon and dashed my hopes of the idyllic family time spent together laughing and casually posing for pictures which would capture the beauty & life of our family. NOT that they turned out badly – they didn’t. In fact, they turned out fairly well and as soon as I can, I’ll be posting some here. But we are all still feeling the aftershocks of a 12.0 earthquake on our emotional Richter scale…

So I was a little ambitious with 2 changes of clothing… So my face decided to break out this week and the horrible PMS I suffered last week was only the tip of the iceburg compared to the horror of the no-longer-PRE-MS of this week… So I bawled my eyes out in the shower while we were getting ready because I was so tired and Claira had already been combative in the few hours we’d had together in the morning… So Claira & Kaity BOTH pooped 5 minutes before we were supposed to walk out the door… So I had a 2 month old that decided to eat an hour early – JUST as we were getting ready to take the girls’ Christmas pictures… So my husband was having a nervous breakdown trying to keep Claira from destroying the photography studio in the span it would take Kaity to drink her bottle… So Claira finally fell asleep after spending 2 hours in the photography studio or running rampant in Sears when I couldn’t get to her fast enough or telling me she had to go potty only to flush the toilet when we got there and crying to leave the bathroom…

By the time we were done with pictures, I don’t think any of us liked any of the rest of us. There was yelling. There was crying. There was cursing. And there were whimpering begging prayers for sanity and strength. And a shot of whiskey. Okay – I didn’t really pray for that, but if I’d been offered today, I don’t think I would have turned it down.

We get 2 days a week to be together as a family. Saturday is spent adjusting from the week-long adjustment to work, Sunday is spent racing to make up for what feels like lost time on Saturday, and preparing to go back to work and start the whole schlamiel all over again.

I’m still so freakin’ tired I can’t see straight and just want to sleep. Really – I think if I could have a weekend of uninterrupted sleep, I’d feel better and have a much better attitude. I could probably even think more clearly and act more sanely and react less sharply.

I think even God is starting to get tired of my whining or is at least trying to stimulate my sense of humor – my devotions today were in I Thessalonians 5:6 – Therefore let us not sleep…


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  1. girlymama Says:

    The last time I took my kids to get pictures taken (2 years ago) my husband came with me. And after witnessing the STRESS and tears and craziness of a professional picture-taking session he said, “I don’t play the ‘obey the husband’ card very often, but you are not allowed to do this anymore.”

    I’m so glad that he said that.

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