Notes from the Queen Mother

I love Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving was really wonderful because I had extra time with the King and our two lovely Princesses.

Princess CaaLalla is growing up way too quickly. She is such a bright, empathetic, loving, funny child – I’m in awe that she came through me. She “lubs” her baby sister so much and will stroke her cheek and say, “Awww, cute!” She has even started helping (offering to) take dishes to the sink after dinner is over. Where the heck did she learn that? She will also take your “order” with a notepad & pencil, pretending to be a waitress, and always asks first if you want “cole slaw” because that is HER favorite thing to order. She begs me to “Play, Mommy” and lays on the floor so I will tickle her or blow Zrbbtts on her belly. Every morning she wakes up with a “busted wig” as her daddy calls it, and even though taming her curls is not her favorite thing, she does love to wear dresses, ” ‘ipstick” and pretty shoes. Her current request for Christmas: a dress. Anything else? Shoes. My girly girl…

Princess KT is growing, too. She is now 26.5″ long and weighs 15 lbs 5 oz. She smiles almost all the time now – switching her formula has made a big difference! She loves her bottle time and being cuddled. She loves being rocked to sleep, and has even started “singing” because her Mama sings her to sleep… She is just starting to eat cereal, but HATED the plain rice cereal, so we add sweet potatoes (big sister’s favorite) and she is figuring out how to get it swallowed… Once she gets the swallowing thing figured out, she actually swings her arms, shakes her legs and chases after the spoon for more! These first few feedings are an experience – and of course, we’ve already had a monster sneeze right AFTER she got a nummy mouthful… This little Princess turns her head at the sound of basketball or football on TV. Kind Daddy may have his star athlete in this one…

The King – well, he’s been really wonderful. He has been so supportive of me and so helpful and even turned down some job offers that would have possibly meant more money, but would have definitely meant more time away from home. He has been able to change his job requirements at work, too, which means HE’S happier at work, and which means more time at home with us. He decided that with my PPD and two small kids, we need him at home more – and he’s right.

The holidays were really very sweet for me because of the extra time I got with my husband & girls. I loved the time we had with our extended families, but to be honest, having time with my own family was really special and I enjoyed it. There are so many beautiful moments I could recount here, but it would take 3 days to read it all and people would lose interest…

Suffice it to say that I feel like my dream of being a wife & mom has really come true, and I’m not even medicated today… =)

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