The Queendom

So, as you can see in the pictures posted in my previous blog, the princesses are growing up quickly!

Princess KT is really coming into her own, and has the sweetest smiles to give. She LOVES to cuddle and be cuddled. She just rolled over for the first time this week – she’s starting to get mobile, which will be a LOT of fun… She keeps her eyes on her big sister all the time, and any time they interact, she’s all smiles & squeals. She reaches out for our faces now and when we kiss on her, she puts her mouth on our cheeks. She’s drooling bucket loads every day and we expect to start seeing her first teeth soon.

Princess CaaaLalla is potty training herself – just as we expected her to do. I used the last diaper with her over the weekend, and we switched to pull-ups. Now, granted, I am allowing for future setbacks & accidents, but all of a sudden yesterday, she decided that she would go potty for her Mama and wore “big girl panties” all day yesterday without having ONE accident. Her biggest motivators are getting to wear her pink light velour nightgown with silvery suns, moons, & stars all over it, or some sparkly purple mary-janes. If she can wear those, she’ll go potty like a big girl in a heartbeat! Daddy also lights a candle and lets her blow it out sometimes which gives her a big charge – WHATEVER IT TAKES!!! So, she is making progress and we’re really excited for her!

The King & I have had some really nice, sweet moments together lately. It has been really memorable. We’re approaching our 4th anniversary already – and I think parenting has really started forging us into a team. It’s really great to have someone I can talk to about anything – who listens and cares – and takes to heart what I share, what I need, what I want. He’s really wonderful. I can be my ol’ ugly self some days and he still loves me. He keeps telling me I’m a good mommy, and especially these days, that means a lot. I am starting to feel more settled in myself again, and he really lets me explore my thoughts & feelings in a manner that lets me find my way. I appreciate that so much about him. We laugh a lot together and it’s good for my soul. He’s a great daddy and I just love watching his little princess girls melt him into a giant puddle. He denies it, but only half-heartedly… He’s a really good husband, too, and I’m grateful for every moment we’ve had together – every single one of them. I can’t imagine a better teammate or partner for life.

It’s good to be the Queen!

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