Shopping with a Toddler

Yes, it finally happened – the dreaded Temper-tantrum-throwing-Toddler while trying to shop for Christmas presents… Princess CaaaLalla decided that she wanted to touch everything and when the King told her to stop and moved her away from the shelves, she pitched a royal fit. Screaming, kicking, crying – pushing him away – moving his hands off the cart. For several minutes. So we switched carts – Princess KT was sleeping for the most part – and the King looked like he was at his wits end.

Usually, the Queen does not put up with much crap. Not to say that the King does, but this Queen draws the line and appropriate consequences follow quickly. However, this time, I was the much more patient one, and when she tried to push my hands away, I took a death grip on the cart. (Perhaps the Zoloft is magical?) In the middle of her screaming fit, she started saying “Potty, mommy” and we raced to the bathroom, where she proceeds to tell me, “You first, mommy” and then tries to open the door as I’m using the facilities… Needless to say, she did NOT really need to go potty (but we won’t tempt fate), and when she got back into the cart, she began the screaming/crying/kicking again.

So, the King took her to the carriage and I paid for the few things we managed to buy. On the way home, she fell asleep… We had planned to have a big Christmas shopping day, but that was not to be… Oh well, we shall try again – perhaps right after a nap and dinner…

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  1. Jenny from Chicago Says:

    Oh, this post puts you right into that situation….and as you know, we’ve all been there.

    It’s such a brief amount of time when you can put them into a cart…I miss it with my oldest. She’s 10 and now she doesn’t throw tantrums (well, not often) but she does want to reason with me about why each item is such a good idea. I might prefer the tantrums.

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