Hap’ Ber-day to Yewwww!

Today is King Roy’s 38th Birthday. The King does NOT like getting older, and really generally does not enjoy his birthday, EXCEPT for the homemade banana pudding that his mom makes for him (in lieu of a cake). It is to die for. She makes one for him, and one for the rest of us to share…

This morning, we followed each other to Starbucks – my treat. The Peppermint White Mocha – I highly recommend it. He likes a Vanilla White Mocha. Great way to start a morning!

My handsome hubby, was serenaded this morning by Moi, the Queen (ala Marilyn Monroe style), got cuddled by Princess KT, and serenaded again by Princess CaaLalla. She would sing one line at a time:

Hap’ Ber-day to Yewwwwwww!

It made him smile – and she continued to sing whenever he’d request it. Made for some good memories. He asked where his cake was, and she replied, “Gone.” He asked where his presents were, and she wondered “Where’d they go?”

He has a long work day ahead of him – the weather is supposed to get nasty tonight and we’ll be glad when we’re all home again, safe & sound. I love Roy. He’s a good man. He’s extremely funny (and then he wonders why I laugh at him all the time!) He can be really sweet & tender, and very loving. When he wraps his arms around me, it’s like a sanctuary – and it’s my favorite place to be.

Happy Birthday, Handsome!

P.S. It’s really good to be the Queen!

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  1. Jenny from Chicago Says:

    Happy Birthday King. I’m about 2 weeks older than you…so far 38 has been A LOT like 37. It’s just a number.

  2. theknitter Says:

    Hi there! Found you on one of my linkovers ….

    Happy birthday to the King. I am one week older than he … and 38 is just a number. I keep telling myself that. Tell him to keep telling himself that, and it will all work out.

    Cute blog!! I’ll be back!!!

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