Let it Snow!

It is a snowy, wintry day in this part of the world today. Although it took me almost an hour to arrive at work (regular 35 minute drive), it is absolutely beautiful outside. I love the first big snow of the season. We’ve had a couple of inches fall overnight, and waking up to the world of stark white is almost magical.

Princess C got bundled up in her snowsuit for the first time, and her pink winter boots that light up – and she grabbed a big bundle of snow in her mittens and carried it to the van like she wanted to take it with her. King Roy told her she had to put it down and she did, but she was VERY excited to see the snow this morning. She didn’t like it hitting her face (girly-girl!) but she was distracted by the snow with every step she took.

It was not so much fun driving into work – creeping along, hitting some slushy spots – but at one point on the drive, there is a small wilderness preserve-type area. (Okay, I’m trying to be poetic here – normally I call it “the swamp” area.) Anyway – I love the contrast of the bare, black trees with the blanket of snow. It is always breathtaking… One of those moments where I wished I could pull over and take pictures, but ONLY if they could capture the stark beauty of the landscape. I fell in love with snow growing up in Alaska, and although it is a little more WORK than PLAY as an adult, this first snowfall leaves me feeling sentimental…


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  1. theknitter Says:

    I will have to say that I am not enamored of the white stuff, although we have a lot of it on the ground right now. I remember loving it when I was little, of course. Not so much as a grownup, though.

  2. Sara Pozonsky Says:

    Debbie –
    Your posts are great and your children are PRECIOUS! Oh my goodness, how do you ever restrain yourself from snacking on them all day! Two precious hor’dourves! Wow…
    Anyway, just wanted to tell you that it’s fun reading your posts and sorry I haven’t been more responsive. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Please pass that along to your whole family for me.
    My kids are growing so fast – Jon is 16 and my daughter Jamie is 15 years old! Growing so fast, so sad…. enjoy the time you have. I’m already getting emotional about Jon being a senior next year.

    And Finally – Merry CHRISTMAS! Christ was born for US – YAY! May that joy never be forgotten or lost in this Christmas commercial mess we live in. Can’t wait to thank Jesus in person and see you and everyone in heaven. Maybe that time is coming sooner than we think! I hope!

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