Home vs. Work

Should I feel guilty for breathing a sigh of relief at knowing both girls are at their Mama’s house while I’m on my way into work?  After the long weekend we endured, it was actually a pleasant prospect knowing I was heading into work which is fairly predictable and routine. 

Have you seen the recent animated movie Chicken Little?   We’ve been watching it a lot at our house lately – CaLalla LOVES “Chikn Ittle” and I think it’s adorable.  Especially when Runt is driving the firetruck to the tune of “I Will Survive” – that has been my Mantra today…

Well, I don’t feel guilty about being relieved to come into work.  I have had a busy day at work and have enjoyed what I’ve been doing.  It is the one place I can cross something off my task list and move onto something else, knowing it is unlikely that I’ll have to redo or approach the task again.  Unlike washing bottles, washing laundry, etc…  Besides that, my boss brought me a Starbucks treat AND told me we’re getting our new copier NEXT WEEK (basically because he can pull strings!)  My boss rocks!!!

Anyway – the moments where I feel at a complete & utter loss and as if I’m completely incapable of motherhood – those can be left behind while I’m driving to work.  For example, the other day when we were getting ready to meet Roy for lunch, I had to move the carseat bases from the van into the car – and left CaLalla watching her cartoon and KT strapped into her carseat for safety.  I got one moved successfully and as I’m moving the 2nd, I hear KT screaming, so I run back in and find that big sister has somehow shaken the purple koolaid from her “spill proof” cup all over herself, and all over her baby sister strapped into the carseat.  Big sigh.  It was one of those mothering moments where I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, but knew it wouldn’t do any of us any good – so I just kinda resigned myself to the tasks at hand (changing clothes, sponge bathing, etc.) and felt like it was just one more kick while I was down.  This is after fishing a screwdriver out of the toilet, cleaning up chunky flu “residue” from the carpet, folding a load of laundry, washing a load of dishes, etc. 

A mother’s work really is never done.  But a secretary’s work is…  Today, I’m quite happy to be a secretary.

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