It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Took my philosophy final on Friday evening and got a B out of the course.  Whew!  It was a really interesting course – and I enjoyed the last unit the best.  It touched on philosophy of religion and apologetics, which really made me think.  I love taking these courses online and have registered for 2 courses in the spring already.  Roy & I celebrated with a glass of wine afterwards and that was nice. 

So we did get most of the snow that was predicted for our area on Saturday, and we did get the very cold wind & drifting snow on Sunday.  Needless to say, we were generally bundled up and stuck somewhere inside for the weekend.  Roads were bad, the wind was strong, and getting the girls out much was not an option.

Saturday, Princess Curly (formerly CaaaLalla – it was too much to type) & I headed over to her Mamaw’s house and baked & decorated sugar cookies with her 2 older cousins.  It was a lovely, messy, fun time, with 3 children who were so hopped up on sugar, they were like little windup toys, and we got to take a break to eat a good lunch.  (Okay, lunch was McDonald’s, but it wasn’t pure sugar and that was the point.)  It had started snowing around 11 am, and by 12 the car was covered.  Princess Curly had finally crashed, so the cousins & I got to finish the rest.  We had about 7 different frosting colors, sprinkles, cinnamon dots, mini reese’s pieces, colored sugar, decorator icing, etc…  All in all, we baked & decorated at least 6 dozen cookies and had a really good time doing it.  I hope we get to do it again next year.  We were done by 3 pm and had a really good time.  Mamaw has a nice big kitchen table and we got to spread out and make a mess.  Thank you Mamaw!!!

Wanted to get the Christmas tree up, but when the princesses fell asleep (after waking up FAR too early for my taste) Sunday morning, the King & I also took naps and got some rest.  Saturday night I was awakened every 1.5-2 hours by one family member or another, so I was rather groggy and really grumpy until I had a Sunday nap. 

We did get to watch the Browns play in a really nasty mess of a snowstorm, and pull off a victory over the Bills.  Even though I am not a “true fan” according to Roy, I do enjoy watching them win.  (When they lose, our castle enters into a period of mourning, a few peasants are beheaded, and King Roy gets in one of HIS moods.)  So, this season has provided more moments of celebration than previous seasons, and for that I’m thankful.  The team seems to have finally gotten some players that play well together and Dawson’s kicks ya just hold your breath and hope the posts send the football in the right direction!

Putting up the tree with Princess Curly’s help iss not my idea of a good time, so I plan to get things moved around when I got home tonight and be ready to put it up after she’s in bed.  She gets so excited about the lights, and I want to surprise her with it in the morning.  I think we’ll stick to just a tree with lights again this year to avoid losing any ornaments or making any trips to the ER because of cut fingers… 

For me, this is when the excitement of the season starts settling in.  Baking cookies with Curly & her cousins made me think of Christmas with my brothers when we were growing up and how much fun we had with cookies, decorating, etc.  We always enjoyed it and I have a lot of really great memories because of it.  I hope my girls can grow up with the same kind of warm, fuzzy memories I have.

Of note: Princess KT is 5 months old today.  It’s rather hard to believe.  She is becoming such a happy baby (except for the teething thing).  She has started saying more sounds – na-na-na when she cries (I thought it was ma-ma-ma, but it wasn’t).  King Roy & I coached her last night on saying “dada” and “mama” respectively… She coos, smiles, laughs, flirts, cuddles.  She ADORES her big sister – and can now grab Curly’s hair, which so far, has made Curly laugh.  They just look at each other and smile and I hope that even with fighting & arguing as they grow up, that they remain adoring fans of one another.

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