Tuesday’s Tossed Salad

Celine Dion is leaving Las Vegas.  I have never been to Las Vegas and really never had a strong desire to go there – except to see Celine Dion’s show in Vegas.  Now that she is leaving, Vegas isn’t as enticing.

I have been a devoted fan of Celine Dion since I first saw the video, “Where Does My Heart Beat Now?”  It happens to have occurred with a coincidental meeting with King Roy (before he was King) in Springfield.  I was babysitting and getting ready to take the 2 little girls for a walk outside, and the video came on.  I cried.  I hadn’t ever seen it before.  I was absolutely astonished at a powerhousevoice like that coming out of such a spritely waif.  While the video was playing, I happened to look outside and see Roy drive by in his car.  I’d had a crush on Roy since I met him and watching this video and seeing him at the same time – well, it imprinted on my brain. 

Then there’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” which I’ve loved since I was a litlte girl; “Then You Look at Me,” – which always makes me think of Roy; “When I Fall in Love,” – a classic romantic song; “My Heart Will Go On,”- wow, was this one powerful; “The Reason” – self explanatory; and “I Drove All Night.”  I played that CD driving from Springfield to Ohio overnight to see Roy, and was playing that song when I pulled into his driveway!!!  Celine’s music is eternally entwined in my life and plays out the ultimate love song in my romance with Roy.

A Christmas tree is finally up in our house.  It is a prelit tree – a 3′ tree on a table – big enough to have presents underneath, but small enough to avoid major injuries should it fall down on top of a curious princess.  We have a 6′ artificial, but this 3′ works now while the girls are little, and can be THEIR Christmas tree when they’re bigger and can decorate it for themselves.  Then the Queen Mommy can decorate her tree (I’m a big fan of “themes” when it comes to Christmas trees) and the Princesses can decorate theirs!  It’ll be fun as the holidays approach and we can sit with the lights off and watch the Christmas tree – I love that.

I’d like to hand out a personal Darwin award.  So we have a new ordinance in our little town (which is run by very narrow minded-locked in the 19th century folks) – and apparently it is now illegal to leave a parked car running unless the doors are locked.  So, when I go to pick up the princesses, I can now be fined $104 for leaving the car running (with the heat on) while I run in to pick them up and get them loaded in the car unless I lock it while I’m away from it.  This particular carriage does not have remote, much less automatic locks – and we’d have to BUY something & have it installed (if that is even possible).  Getting the vehicles warmed up in the morning and leaving them running in our own driveway – now illegal.  I’m not sure what the purpose of this ordinance is (other than to increase revenue for the town by awarding stupid fines) – but I’m rather disgruntled about it…  As a mother with small children, I would expect ordinances which would help encourage safety and security for my family – not stupid ordinances which make keeping your children warm & healthy more difficult…

Okay – those are my thoughts for the day.  Hope you have a great one!

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