Almost Friday…

Both of the little princesses are not feeling well.  Princess Curly woke up with a stuffy nose and ran a temperature & vomited yesterday.  Princess KT is also running a little temperature and has been fussy – but we think (hope) it’s just teething.  Curly had a vapor bath and slept with a cool mist humidifier and seemed a bit better this morning, but last night, the queen mommy did NOT get much rest.  A LOT of waking up in the night. Ugh.  I’m dragging today.

A coworker got a Wii on ebay and brought it into work yesterday.  Now, typically our office is buzzing because we do a LOT of different things – we’ve always got some event going on or a new program to implement and we do it well. In December, things tend to quiet down for us in a big way.  Students go home for Christmas break, and we get several days off, so things get pretty relaxed.  So, she brought her Wii in.

I’ve never really been a gaming fan – I never got into Playstations, Xboxes or anything else.  We had Atari when I was younger (yeah, and THAT doesn’t age me), and I can remember playing Pong, Space Invaders, and Mission Control.  Wii is just simply AMAZING.

The graphics are kinda cartoonish – but not really dorky, and sometimes they are even hilarious.  I watched while my boss and a coworker played tennis, and then baseball yesterday, and when my boss fell to his knees with a victorious yell after hitting a home run, I thought I was going to shoot diet coke out my nose from laughing so hard.  It is interactive and FUN.  (It helps that we have a big screen to play on).  I haven’t laughed like that in ages, and anybody who played was at least winded, if not sweaty by the time they were done.  I played the bowling game yesterday and actually enjoyed it.  Today I played Duck Hunt – anybody remember that game?  That was a BLAST!  It was a bit awkward to get used to pointing the remote accurately at the screen (as opposed to a gun), but FUN as heck.  I could totally get INTO gaming, and King Roy & I are talking about getting one.  Eventually.

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