Christmas Extravaganza!

Christmas was better this year than any other I can remember.  Having a weekend before Christmas day was really useful & practical, but also allowed for us to really prepare Princess Curly for the big day.  Besides the fact that it gave us time to doctor everybody’s colds (ugh!), we got to enjoy Christmas lights and extra family time together. Curly was only 1 last year, and although she enjoyed the paper & gifts, this year it was all about the anticipation!!!

She & I decorated cookies for Santa Christmas eve.  Okay – I decorated mine while she licked the decorations off hers. =)  She was very excited about leaving cookies & milk for Santa, and after she’d had a bath and had her princess nightgown on, we told her it was time for bed.  I’ve never seen that child scoot off to bed so agreeably!  We’d told her that Santa could not come until she was in bed, and she flew right up the stairs, climbed up into her bed, put her head on her pillow and let me tuck her in.  We never heard another peep out of her that night! (Can Santa come every night???)

Christmas morning, I woke early.  I was expecting Princess KT to wake up for a bottle, but she was sleeping soundly with her arms thrown back above her head, so I just tried to relax and go back to sleep.  It was ridiculous!  I don’t remember being this excited about Christmas even when I was a kid!  I tossed & turned – everybody just slept.  Finally, King Roy woke up and we snuggled for a few minutes and then he asked if we should wake up Curly or not.  I reminded him of how she behaves when she is awakened early, and we agreed to wait a little while longer.  I went downstairs and turned the Christmas tree lights on, and put on a pot of coffee.  I called my dad (waking HIM up in the process) and asked if they’d ever been this excited about Christmas for us.  He laughed at me (in a good way) and I told him I was on pins & needles waiting for Curly to wake up!

FINALLY – the princess decided to grace us with her presence and toddled into our room, upon which King Roy promptly feigned a snoring sleep.  Curly tiptoed to the end of the bed and climbed up with us.  She threw her hands in the air and said, “I waked up!”  and then proceeded to wake Roy & KT up, too. 

Roy led our little procession down the stairs and when Curly saw the tree & all the presents she put her hands to her mouth and said, “Oh! My! Gosh!” and ran directly to her stash!  “Presents!” she said.  And it began.  What a FUN time!  She would stop & play with a toy and then we’d remind her there was more.  About halfway through she looked at everything all over the room and said, “I’m rich!”  She helped KT open her gifts (of course) and we thought KT was going to take off & fly as much as she was flapping her arms and kicking her feet.  She grabbed for her presents and played with the paper and had a good ol’ time.

It was WAY more fun BEING Santa this year than ever having Santa bring me gifts.  The cookies were good, but watching Curly open her presents and be excited and happy was really the best part of Christmas this year.  Despite the yukky colds, the moments of temper tantrums & toddlerhood, for the most part, I was reminded of how wonderful it is to be a mom.  I had MY moments, too, as I locked myself in the bathroom for an uninterrupted shower and whined about the endless loads of dishes & laundry that need to be done when we’re all home for more than a day!  Yes, I was glad to come back to work today – but I already miss the King & our princesses and look forward to seeing them again tonight.

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