Out with the Old, In with the New

Happy New Year! 

We spent Saturday with my family at my parents house.  It was a good time to visit and see the kids again.  My niece, the original “Curly,” – well, I think she grew about 4 inches since Thanksgiving!!!  It’s too much!  She’s a sweetheart and loves Curly and Curly loves her. 

Princess Droolah (formerly KT) should be cutting a tooth or two any day now.  She’s actually got the teething rash on her chin from all the drooling and chewing and chewing on drooly items.  She smiles & grins & laughs most of the time, though, but she really doesn’t like to be left alone in a room.  She is very different from Curly that way.  Droolah is as nosy as they come, and does NOT like to be left alone in a room.  She hollers right quick when she discovers that she has been “abandoned” in the living room.  She has also not mastered rolling from her belly to her back, and gets VERY frustrated (very loudly!) at being stuck that way.  She’ll be 6 months old (already?) in a few days, and has graduated into her 6-9 month wardrobe already!

Curly has done pretty well adjusting to the hustle & bustle of the holidays and all the new toys & goodies she got.  She got more dresses from her grandparents and several pairs of tights to match.  She got a new pair of shoes (that she won’t hardly take off) and we stayed at the hotel again which was nice and lazy and quiet.  We enjoy lounging on the big King size bed watching TV together and have a good time.

We spent New Years Eve with our friends, the Robinsons, and had a really great time.  We ate lots of yummy, fattening, wonderful appetizers and played a card game and laughed our heads off.  Their daughter, Sammi (I think she’s 7), is one of Curly’s favorite buddies and they had a really fun time together.  At midnight, we toasted the new year with our sparkling juice and lit sparklers on the front lawn.  Yes, it was dark, cold, and windy – but who can resist sparklers???

We girls have recovered from our colds, although Roy seems to be getting hoarse in the past couple of days. That, combined with some added stress at his work, did not make New Years Day a fun-filled day for us, but I do think he & I both found a new appreciation for each other and our girls in talking through a lot of it.  We really are blessed beyond what we deserve, and if anything, life’s hardships & troubles certainly lend new perspective to that. 

And THAT is a good way to start any new year!

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