First of all, I will declare here and now that I refuse to make any 2008 resolutions!  It is not that I don’t believe in setting goals or challenging oneself to be better.  I do.  Instead, it is actually that I am going to “own” my procrastinating nature and my need to relax and take one day at a time, and to fight my incessant drive to perfectionism that drags me down.  I think the procrastination and perfectionism are tied together – so in dealing with one, I will effectively deal with the other.  I am reading through a book/workbook on post partum depression and it is really helping me.  I will continue to work on that, and by the end of 2008, hope & pray that I will be a better me. 

Apparently Princess Droolah found out that I blogged about her inability to roll from tummy to back, because Lo and Behold last night, she rolled halfway across the living room.  This comes as a GREAT relief to the Queen Mommy who was getting a tad irritated by all the squawking when she’d get “stuck” on her belly and couldn’t figure out how to change her position.  She can now roll to the toy she’s been eyeing from across the room and get closer to or further away from her big sister.

Big Sister has decided to take potty training more seriously.  Princess Curly has decided to start using her new Dora potty chair in the living room (which is fine by us) when the urge hits her and she can even manage most of that all by herself – which makes her feel like a big girl and makes us proud as well.  She is starting to tell us when she wants/needs to go and is having fewer & fewer accidents.  Whew!   She wore a dress and new pair of striped tights today, and said she had her “princess” tights on…  Whatever motivates her works for me!

My FIL has been dealing with prostate cancer for the past couple of months.  He had radiation treatments throughout December, and was scheduled for surgery next week.  However, they decided to run a stress test on him at a previous checkup, and he had a heart catheterization yesterday.  They found 2 major blockages, and he’ll have surgery next week to put in a couple of stents, and the radition implants are cancelled altogether – he’ll finish up radiation treatments through the next few weeks and the doctors feel that will eradicate the cancer.  The most pressing problem is what he can and can’t do for the next several days.  Papaw is not the kind of guy who can sit around and do nothing, but that is exactly what he’s been told to do.  He is a busy guy, and he’s been told not to drive, not to do much, and not to lift more than 10 lbs – which includes Princess Droolah, who has taken a strong liking to her Papaw.  He can hold her – thankfully – and was going to have to STOP holding her altogether if he’d had the radiation implants, so all in all, we’re hoping this will be a better deal in the end.  Mamaw & I have been concerned about how Droolah would react to her Papaw not holding her – she already cries after him when he’s in the house and not holding her.  Not that she’s spoiled or anything…

King Roy is dealing with his work stress daily – and has worked through some things that has given him a new perspective.  He shared some things with me this morning that left me speechless (and believe me, that does NOT happen very often) and I am really honored, now more than ever, to be his wife and partner in life.  He is a really good man with a really good heart and I appreciate him more and more every day. 

The Queen Mommy is looking forward to this weekend and HOPEFULLY being able to sleep in.  I have not been sleeping soundly and could use some catch-up in that department.  Curly & I will get our hair cuts tomorrow – Roy would like for me to grow my hair out long, but as fine and thin as it is, it’s really difficult to manage the way it’s cut now.  Hopefully the hair magician will be able to fix me right up to satisfy us both.  I wouldn’t mind it being a little longer, so long as it’s easy to manage and style.  I don’t need to spend an extra 15 minutes on my hair every morning…  I’d rather sleep.

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