Go (OSU) Bucks! No (Star)Bucks!

I am not a huge  sports fan – but I tend to gravitate towards football, and actually enjoy attending a sporting event rather than watching it on TV.  My brothers played in sports and I was an avid (if somewhat obnoxious & loud) fan when they played.  Tonight the Ohio State Buckeyes are playing for the national championship – and I do hope they win.  I’ll admit I’m not a dyed-in-the-wool Buckeye fan (no air-filled Brutus on the front lawn, no basement decorated in red & gray, no snarky faces at my brother in law who is a [sigh] Wolverines fan…)  I do enjoy watching them play and watching a good game, and that’s what I’m hoping for – with a Buckeye win, of course.

The Queendom actually experienced a fairly quiet weekend.  It’s difficult to get much computer time on the weekends – living in a split level with 2 little ones.  King Roy does his best and is a great daddy, but has been known to fall asleep on occasion while “watching” the girls, and if you turn your back for 2 seconds, Curly is getting into something or (now) attempting to pickup baby sister, and it’s more than I can handle…

Curly & I got our haircuts and look and feel MUCH better.  She was getting pretty shaggy and I didn’t realize how badly until I compared before & after pictures.  The Queen Mommy is a bit biased by how cute Curly looks, and didn’t notice soon enough how bushy her hair was getting.  Of course my daughter gets the curly hair that I desperately prayed for.  I was so desperate, in fact, that as a 3 or 4 year old, I was told by a neighbor that actually EATING the crusts on the bread (which my mom would cut off and which I refused to eat) would in fact make my hair curly, but I discovered that was a heinous lie.

Needless to say, I grew up getting my hair permed.  My first perm was from my Grandma – and it was just a “wavy” perm and didn’t last long.  My second perm – Yeah, I was Little Orphan Annie.  UGH!  My mom loved it – I hated it – it was too curly.  I fear this is what we are going to experience with Curly’s naturally spiraling hair…  She will hate it and I will love it…  I’ve seen a good friend experience this with her daughter and can imagine the mountain of straightening products in which we may invest for Curly.  Maybe she’ll be different and will accept & love the natural beauty that she’s been endowed with.  I hope so.

Droolah – HOPEFULLY – is going to get a tooth or two this week.  She was pretty cranky and slept much through the weekend and when she was awake – she was gnawing, drooling, chewing, and rubbing her tongue on her lower gums.  I have a feeling her first teeth will be used as her only defense until she can learn to run away…  Curly is a great big sister, and rather overzealous both in her affection for and jealousy of Droolah.  Curly greets Droolah every morning with smiles and great affection and proclamations of love, but God forbid Droolah start crying while Chicken Little is on…

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: I am going to try to limit my Starbucks intake.  (MOMENT OF SILENCE).  Yes, I can hear the gasps and fearful cries both from and for those anywhere who must approach the Queen Mommy in any manner.  I don’t blame you.  I have a serious and happy addiction to Starbucks, and have decided that the caffeine/sugar intake is really more than I should have.  I won’t completely eliminate it, but am going to begin weaning myself from it…  When ya start dreaming about coffee, it’s time to make a change!

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