Wordy Wednesday

The Plague! the Princesses are sick.  Curly got a deep chest cough Sunday night, Droolah got it last night…  Both girls slept well, but sounded A-W-F-U-L this morning.  I’m breaking a cardinal rule of parenthood and giving them medicine without the direct advice of their doctor.  Before anybody feels the need to report me to the proper authorities, I should say that we are also using saline drops, vapor baths, and cool mist humidifier, and medicine dosing is sparse.  Just enough to help them sleep when they need to.  It is miserable, though, to hear their coughs, and should they last much longer, we’ll be visiting their doctor…

AVON! I have to “advertise” something here because I’m an enthusiastic consumer.  Avon’s moisture therapy line has not been one of my favorites.  I think their original formula is too greasy for most days.  However, their Moisture Therapy Deep Healing Hand Cream is the best stuff I’ve ever used.  It is the “Treatment” formula, and is gentle enough to use on your face (and believe me, I have), as well as deeply moisturizing for rough, cracking, dry skin.  When you wash bottles & hands as often as I do, you need something that works!  I also used it on Curly when she developed a spreading rash that nothing else helped.  Within two days of using this hand cream only once a day, the rash disappeared.  It went on sale in the last campaign and I stocked up – I will use this for more than just a hand cream and highly recommend to to you…

The Heart of the Matter. Roy & I have been having devotions together at night for the past several evenings.  It’s something we have not been faithful in doing during our marriage, but are committing to maintaining now.  It is not just the quiet time together, but quiet time with the Lord (kinda like Adam & Eve walking with the Lord in the garden in the cool of the evening).  The truth is, though, it is not always something I want to do.  The other night, he read the devotion and I was supposed to pray.  I couldn’t.  My heart was not there.  He went ahead and prayed – and he prayed specifically for me – and it was really sweet and blessed me.  I’m finding that having devotional time with Roy requires me to be open, honest, and vulnerable.  I don’t have a problem being open (heck, I’ll tell ANYBODY about the time I had to pee in a cup in the back of an airplane because it had no restroom), and for the most part, I try to be honest (to the point of tactless, brutal honesty).  It’s the vulnerability I don’t like.  Admitting weakness.  Admitting bad attitudes.  Admitting grudges and hard heartedness.  Letting go of hurts and anger.  Ridding myself of pride and a judgmental spirit.  I can do that a bit more easily to the Lord since I can’t fool Him, but admitting it to my husband requires humility, something I am not very well acquainted with (hence “the queen” title).  I am finding though, that in humbling myself, not only is it freeing for me, but it allows Roy to pray for me and support me and bless me in ways I didn’t expect.  That has been a surprise effect, and I am thankful for it.  Esther was a queen, who was not only submissive, but used by God in a mighty way to SAVE an entire nation.  Submissiveness is NOT something I relish or am inclined to be naturally.  It’s giving up MY ideas for someone else’s who I am concerned may or may not have my best interest at heart, but it can’t always be about ME, can it?  And that is the heart of the matter.  Giving up my prideful, selfish desires in order to be a better wife, better mother, and ultimately, a better woman in the end…  Will I ever “get there”???

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