The Unexpected…

So, Wednesday throughout the day, Curly seemed to be getting worse. Her cold was starting to slow her down and by the time I got her & Droolah picked up and settled in at home, we knew things were getting iffy. She wasn’t as active as normal and she put herself to bed at 8:00. how many 2 year olds do YOU know that are willing to do that???

Thursday, at 1:30 am she woke up crying – fever, it hurt her horribly to cough, and she was downright miserable. She & I spent the rest of the night/morning together with pain relievers and cold-mist humidifiers. By 4:00 am she quit drinking anything and by 8:00 am, I called Mamaw to come over to help us out. Her temp was up to 102 and her coughing sounded deep and gurgly. An hour after taking pain reliever, her temp only dropped 1 degree, and she refused anything to drink or popsicles. We got an appt for 11:00 and got ourselves to the Dr.

Her temp at the Dr ofc was almost 104 (Motrin to the rescue) – the oxygen level in her blood was almost low enough that she needed to be put on oxygen – the dr was concerned about what she heard in Curly’s lungs (possibly pneumonia she said), so off we went to the hospital. I had already packed a bag at the chance, and Mamaw came along to help. Once admitted, her temp was down to 101, but she wouldn’t drink anything so they hooked up an IV. THAT was a chore. Up to that point, she’d been a “princess” – she got a princess “bracelet” and had sat princess-like while they wheeled her to xray and took pics of her lungs. She was being sweet and quiet, but when it came time for the IV, things got nasty. BUT once they drew her blood, swabbed her for RSV (respiratory virus) and influenza, and got the IV bound to her arm and an oxygen monitor taped to her finger, she began to settle in.

Mamaw rocked her and we passed both girls back & forth. King Roy showed up and got very teary when he saw his little princess in hospital pjs and wires & tubes hooked up. It was not fun. This is the same hospital where Roy’s brother passed away, and it’s always difficult to have to be back there… Droolah had orders for an RSV swab, and when we found out that Curly’s test came back positive for RSV, the room was marked for “isolation” (which meant gowns & gloves for every visitor) and off we went to get the little one swabbed, too.

After a quick burst of IV fluids, Curly finally passed some fluids (all over Mamaw’s lap) and began drinking some juice. We didn’t know what to do with Droolah. Papaw was back on radiation treatments and was scheduled for stent placement on Friday, and we didn’t know what to do with Droolah.

RSV is a HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS respiratory virus. For most kids RSV is just a cold – for infants or anyone with a suppressed immune system RSV is more risky and serious. Curly had gotten dehydrated which complicated her situation – Droolah had all the same symptoms and the dr said she was “a couple days behind…” So, after a lot of discussion, Droolah was sent home with Mamaw, to be kept away from Papaw. King Roy had to be into work early Friday morning.

It was a V-E-R-Y long night. We might have slept 3 hours. Between the IV or oxygen monitors going off every 2 seconds because Curly is restless enough when she’s healthy – to temp checks and even weighing her at 4 am – neither one of us rested well. She had gotten an antibiotic in the IV and the fluids were really beginning to flood her system, but she used the potty chair almost every time and we were proud of her. She began asking for juice, which was a good sign to me.

Roy came by early – Papaw even popped his head in after a radiation treatment so he could see his girl. A pastor friend came by to pray with us and Curly proudly announced to him that she had “pooped” and pointed to the potty chair for evidence. I believe at one point, she even climbed out of my lap and lifted the lid so he could see for himself. If I hadn’t been so tired, I think I would have been on the floor laughing. The pastor was just very nonchalant about it all and before he left said, “Curly is a very articulate little girl.” That she is.

Curly wouldn’t eat breakfast, so I scarfed up the oatmeal and only drank a few sips of the machine oil they called “coffee.” Mamaw showed up with Droolah, and I ran down and got myself a (sigh….) carmel frappuccino and some snacks. Mamaw had to run down to the next floor while they got Papaw admitted and ready for his surgery. Roy showed up about 20 minutes after Mamaw left, and it was like a circus the rest of the day – between checking on Papaw’s situation and wondering if Droolah was going to be admitted and if Curly would be discharged, it was just a VERY long day for everyone.

FINALLY – we were discharged – we bought a 2nd cool mist humidifier and got the house set up for just about anything. Curly ate some “chinese (teriyaki) chicken” and drank a lot of juice all evening. We had scheduled a 9:30 am appt for followup today, and by the time we got there, we knew Curly was back to her old self. She’d slept 10 hours and had told us “No” more times than we could count. Droolah, however, was looking paler, and was taking less formula each feeding than she had been.

Curly’s checkup was great and they said to just continue fluids, gave us some cough syrup, and call if her condition changed. Droolah – ever the drama queen – had a low blood oxygen level (almost as low as Curly’s the day they admitted her) and was running a low temp. We were just DREADING the thought of having to go back to the hospital, but the dr instead ordered a breathing treatment in office, which brought her levels right back up where they should be – and we were sent home with a breathing machine & prescription.

Droolah has had a couple of treatments and is sleeping rather soundly right now. Curly is happily watching Monsters, Inc. Roy & I are now debating what to do with our girls, as they are NOT to be around other kids or anyone with a low immune system (including Papaw) for get this…


Since Mamaw & Papaw are the primary care givers while Roy & I work, we are up the creek right now attempting to think of a solution to our quandary… Like Mamaw said, all we can do is pray about it. If God can send a ram to spare Isaac, and if God can send manna daily to feed a million people, and if God counts the numbers of hair on my head (whose number seems to be decreasing daily) – I gotta believe he can handle a little child care situation…


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  1. Dawn Mackesy Says:

    Oh, Debbie – I feel for you! I prayed for you and the girls this weekend after I found out how sick they were. I’m so sorry! However, I’m so happy that they are feeling better! Wow, 4-6 weeks of not being around other kids or people with low immune systems. YIKES! That is huge. But, maybe a nice little vacation for you and the girls… Maybe you girls could drive out here for a couple of weeks. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind…but I’d be at work every day…hm….. Anyway, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I love reading your blog. I wish I could write like you and keep up on it. It’s so nice to catch up/keep up with your life and the little ones. It’s like we we’ve never left Anchorage…except life happened. 🙂 Keep updating! Miss you. Dawn

  2. thequeenmommy Says:

    Oh how I wish we could drive out to visit you for a few weeks. Visiting with you has ALWAYS been a vacation for my heart! Thanks for everything!
    Remember when we tromped through the snow in AK to the bus stop for your slumber party? And stayed up and watched those goofy Don Knotts movies? Good times!!!

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