A New Day

If you haven’t seen Disney’s version of Chicken Little – I highly recommend it.  We’ve been watching it almost daily for the past couple of weeks, and I’m still not tired of it.  I love the characters (Fish-out-of-water is fun-ny!) and I love the portrayal of the relationship between the high-school-star-athlete father and the underachiever-unlucky son.  Two running themes in the movie are the “What’re we talkin’ about?” in response to a question that one does not want to answer,  and “Today is a new day” a rather Scarlett-O’Hara-esque statement.

Today is a New Day.  Not a perfect day – but a New Day. Curly was up at 5 am crying and had to be held & cuddled because she was “scared” of everything all morning, and Droolah finally had a good night’s rest but was awakened early by her ever-anxious-to-see-her-and-literally-smother-her-with-affection big sister.  Still – A New Day.

Last night, Roy & I had a good devotional time.  It was about how our spouses are supposed to complete, or balance, us.   We were asked to describe some of our differences and how we offset each other – and what the other person brings to us.  That was fun.  We both said about each other that we bring humor – which is a good quality these days, and a good quality for life.  He also said I bring honesty, and I said he brings me a calm that soothes me.  We do have a lot of qualities that balance each other and when we work together as a team, it’s really awesome!  That oneness, the reference to “one flesh” in Scripture is so readily apparent at those times.  And then there are the times where we are at odds and neither one wants to give in and the tension & stress is no fun.  Those are the areas we get to pray about and work through together…

I also read a blog yesterday that talked about being a Living Sacrifice.  This is not something I am innately, naturally prone to.  I like to be in charge (I am The Queen, after all), and I like to take charge, and I don’t like to be told what to do, and I don’t like to serve others.  Selfish? yes.  Proud? absolutely.  Right?  hmmm – not so much. 

Being a Living Sacrifice means that will I change those awful, yukky diapers and choose NOT to complain about them.  Being a Living Sacrifice means I will wash dishes until they’re done and then not get upset when Roy or Curly ask me for something to eat, producing more dirty dishes in the process.  Being a Living Sacrifice means taking out the trash when it’s full and not stewing about whether or not Roy will SEE how full the trash is and just take it out because it’s “his” chore and I think it should go out.  See my point?

It is not my nature to be like this.  I am all about FAIRNESS and EQUALITY and RESPONSIBILITY.  Basically, that is another way of saying, “I am all about ME.”It’s easy to stay with my sick child in the hospital – that’s natural for me and there’s no question that I won’t do it.  It’s easy to do for others when they can’t do for themselves.  It’s a completely UNNATURAL thing for me to do for others what they are capable of doing themselves, even if it is something I am called to do as a wife, mother, woman, friend, daughter, sister, coworker, Believer…  I don’t mean to do for others in that unhealthy way so they are overly dependent upon me and can’t function without me.  I mean – serving them – getting on my hands & knees with warm, soapy, soothing water and washing their dirty feet (so to speak). So, on this NEW DAY, I am going to take the steps to learn to be a LIVING SACRIFICE.  It will not be easy, and I will struggle with it.  I’ve been wrestling God since I read the blog yesterday.  He keeps telling me to DO stuff for other people, and I’m like – Are you serious???  But He is – and it’s not in order to put me down – it’s in order to build me up…

Today is a New Day!


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  1. Jenny from Chicago Says:

    A living sacrifice. wow. …I once heard of a nun who tried to make her whole life a prayer, even when she would go to sleep she would offer her time asleep up as a prayer to God for people who were suffering.

    I like this idea…but like you, I’m not sure I’m ready. I would like to be in service but you just don’t see that many dirty feet without really looking for them. I’m going to start looking. Thanks for the inspiration.

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