Multi-tasking with Yahoo

I think I have finally found a way to actually manage all of my technological addictions! I have had a yahoo id for ages, but quit using it in favor of my gmail account. I LOVE gmail. It is so huge and has such great features, and I’ve used it for several years. I also have a myspace page and a facebook account and keep in touch with different groups of people in each.

Yahoo has found a way to put it all together – or at least almost all of it. I can check my gmail accounts, my old yahoo account, log into myspace & facebook, keep up on my favorite news, the weather, etc., AND stay on top of my blog – ALL FROM ONE PAGE!!!

THIS is a tremendous discovery to me. The only thing that would make it better is if I could connect it all with my cell phone – but considering the extra fees for web use, etc., that will have to wait awhile longer. I am just THRILLED though with my home page and the fact that I can stay on top of all of my technological connections in ONE PLACE…

Now if only Yahoo could do something about my house…

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  1. Dawn Mackesy Says:

    Hey there woman! What is your myspace page??? I’m on myspace too! We could connect and show pictures through myspace. yea us!!!! I’m at school, so I can’t log in to myspace to see what my page is, but you can find me either using Dawn Harshman or Dawn Mackesy (can’t remember which I used…) Have a great day. This is my first day back at school…we’ve had snow days 3x this week. 🙂

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