Princess Tater & Guardian Angels

Princess Tater is a tough girl. I think it must have something to do with how many times she’s already been dropped on her head (accidentally of course). 

Exhibit A: The first night after Tater was born she was dropped from the hospital bed onto the floor, because the Queen Mommy fell into an exhausted sleep before thinking about putting her back into the bassinet.  That was the most horrendous feeling in the world and I was convinced they would not let me take her home because I was an unfit mother.  Actually – she was perfectly fine.  Not a scratch, bump, or bruise on her.  I get sick to my stomach when I think about it…

Exhibit B: Then there was the time that we were leaving to go somewhere and I told King Roy I had to buckle Tater into the carseat, and he thought I said I HAD buckled her into the carseat and proceeded to pick her up – and out she rolled in a perfect little somersault onto the floor.  The word “to” can be critical to a successful conversation.  Again – she was fine.

Exhibit C: The baby swing.  I left Curly watching her favorite morning show and Tater swinging quietly while I ran to blow dry my hair in about 2 minutes (I have very fine, very thin hair, but that’s another story…)  I heard Tater kinda fussing, so I popped my head out of the bathroom to look into the living room and there she was on her belly on the floor, the swing moving back & forth a little “wildly.”  Apparently Curly thought she should be unbuckled AND pushed waaay high, so out she went.  SIGH!!!

Then there was last night…  Tater has been sleeping in a bassinet in our room, or in our bed next to me when she was inconsolable and the Queen was too tired to deal with it. (Amazing how I could rock her for 30 minutes without resolution, but lay her on her side in my bed and she’s DOWN for the count!)  So, in order to make the transition to the crib, and because I stayed home from work yesterday due to icy roads in our area, I washed her new, unused bedding and got the crib ready to go.  It looks so pretty with the pink rosebuds and fluffy coverlet!  The crib is still located in Curly’s room, and has to be fully taken apart to be moved into Tater’s room and I was NOT feeling that ambitious, so for now, the thought was to let them sleep in the same room and maybe Tater would not have to sleep right next to anyone.  So I got the mattress height reset, and after she’d drifted off to sleep I put her in the crib and she settled in for the night.  Not a peep from her or her big sister.

Until 3:30 am, when I awoke to a loud crash and Tater crying.  Not screaming, but crying.  Yep – the crib bottom fell through. OH MY WORD!!!  I wasn’t sure I could manage to get her out the way she was wedged, so I hollered at Roy a few times (who has a sleep disorder and when he sleeps, sleeps VERY soundly) – and got no response, so trying not to panic, I managed to pull her out – NOT A SCRATCH ON HER!!!

Immediately, I got the impression that she has a team of guardian angels watching over her.  Not one – Not two, more like a starting lineup with reserves on the bench.  I thanked GOD that she wasn’t hurt and wondered out loud what kind of plan God must have for this little princess… (Psalm 91:11 – For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.) 

And I held her just a bit tighter while I rocked her back to sleep…

Today – we went to get little ears pierced.  Curly was somewhat hesitant, but had her ears cleaned & prepped & marked, but once the “gun” came at her – she was through.  (Besides that, the “manager” who did the piercing was very intolerant, impatient and uninspiring AND they were out of Curly’s birthstone, so we’ll try again later.  Seriously – I expected some difficulty with Curly, but she was really good for the most part, and I actually saw the gal tighten her hand into a fist asking Curly to sit still.  I’LL SHOW YOU SIT STILL, MISSY!)  So Roy got Curly out of the store and we worked on Tater, who had been sleeping, but woke up when I got her out of the carseat and cried only a little after each ear was pierced.  She was singing on her way home in the car…  Even though they hurt for just a little bit – that girl DESERVED those earrings today.  Don’t worry, Curly ended up with some lip balm and a coloring book, so she’s quite a happy camper herself…

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