Just catching up…

FINALLY. Freeing myself of Mrs. Hyde. Feeling MUCH better now… (Can you hear my husband’s sigh of relief?)

It’s snowing here – expecting several inches here and throughout the Ohio River Valley. We’ve been getting hit with some snowstorms this winter like I haven’t seen here in the past few years. As long as it’s cold enough to kill the bugs, there are no major power outages from snow or ice, and the weather still allows us to enjoy a beautiful spring – I’m fine with whatever we get.

Little Princesses are doing great. Tater Bug acts as if she doesn’t even know her ears are pierced, and Curly is seriously considering (again) getting hers done. Her Mamaw and big cousin plan to go with her and maybe THEY can encourage (but certainly not force) her to go through with it.

Tater doesn’t even look like a baby anymore and she’s not even 7 months old yet. She’s scooting around on her belly and trying to figure out how to get up on her knees to crawl. That should be fun considering Curly has taken to carrying her favorite toys (and by favorites – I mean most of them) in her backpack and dropping them randomly all over the floor to play. Since Tater tries to eat everything off the floor, this is going to be a challenge.

We’re talking about transitioning Tater to sippy cups soon – but I am a little hesitant to do that just yet. She’s started drinking juice – but she doesn’t have any teeth, and I want to keep her a “baby” as long as I can… I really like the Nuby cups the best, and she’s used one of Curly’s already to drink her juice.

Sleeping patterns are starting to settle in. I’ll pay for saying that. Every time I brag or boast about my girls sleeping through the night, we have a rough one or two nights to make me pay. But I’ll take that chance. They really are growing up so quickly and becoming little girls. That’s a bittersweet pill…

Well, they’re closing offices in this part of the world due to weather, so I’ll stop here and wrap up my work and head home… Have a great one!

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