Disney Princesses on Ice

King Roy & I had a BLAST with Princess Curly at the Disney Princesses on Ice. I’ll admit that I’m an avid ice-skating fan – I LOVED Peggy Fleming and Dorothy Hamill – and always WISHED upon a star to be as graceful and lovely on land as they were on ice. I was glued to the TV when the whole Tanya Harding / Nancy Kerrigan drama was going on. I LOVED Black-Swana Baiul (Oksana Baiul) and all the drama she brought to the skating world. They were all like the little ballerina doll on my jewelry box when I was a little girl. So when Roy asked if we wanted to go see this – and we’d just gotten Curly the 6 piece set of Disney Princesses for Christmas – I was hopping to go!!!

Curly got dressed up as you can see – and slept on the drive which was helpful. We got there and were met immediately by the hawkers and vendors with flashing princess scepters and wands – and Curly got a flashing tiara with blue fuzz. Between that & her sunglasses she was NOT just a princess, she was a DIVA princess!!!

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