Big Day for The Queen Mommy

For some reason at about 2:30 am, I awoke with a start – wide awake. Grrrr. Went downstairs, drank some milk, watched some news and dragged myself back to bed at about 3:15.

At 4:30 something woke me again, and when I opened my eyes, I thought I was seeing a red glow on the ceiling. Okay – fire? Fire trucks? I started long enough to realize it was just my eyes adjusting (thank heavens), and then I heard it again – Clear as a bell…

“MAMA!” That’s how Curly wakes me up every morning – calling me from their bedroom, so I can go get her and hold her and get her some milk. Only it wasn’t Curly – it was TATER BUG!!! Woohoo! She was saying “mama” the other night, or what I was telling myself was mama – but this morning, she finally said it for real, for the first time, and she was calling me just the way her big sister does.


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