A Little Member

So I did a search online before starting to write this and was startled to discover that in the NKJV Bible, 150 verses relate to the “tongue.” I have a sharp tongue. I’m not bragging here. I’m not even confessing. I’m just one painful example of the passage in James 3 that talks about the tongue and the pain it can inflict.

Such a small body part – such HUGE, gaping, sometimes permanent wounds it can inflict. And when connected to a brain that won’t THINK before engaging the tongue –


I just spew molten lava in every direction sometimes – and what is most upsetting to me is that I do everything I can to be nice & polite to the people who really don’t matter in my life – and reserve the catastrophic explosions for conversations and incidents with the people I love: my husband and children. It is ONE aspect of my personality, my behavior, my identity that I absolutely abhor.

It’s the one part of me I wish I could literally cut out and remove. It won’t be that easy. It will be much more painful than that for me. It will require parts of me dying to myself and I never. enjoy. that. process…


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