Life… As it happens…

I wish I could take the time to record the many significant things that are occurring in my life on a more regular basis. If not for your eyes, for my own benefit – a record of sorts to track the growth and change I’m experiencing on just about every level. Kinda like the pencil marks on the door jamb or wall measuring height.

Have you ever experienced an epiphany? Have you ever experienced multiple epiphanies one, right after another? Well, it can be exhilarating and exhausting. And I’m honestly not sure that documenting each one could really lay out the significance of them.

The realization that being a wife & mommy may become the main focus of my life within the next several months is both surprising and terrifying. So many circumstances are moving us toward this direction – and to be honest, Roy & I have been discussing this for a couple of months and began praying that by the end of the year, we would be in a position that would allow me to quit my day job and stay home and do my real job full-time.

FYI – WHOEVER decided to build a campaign upon the idea that a woman can have it all was obviously hormonal!!! Not every woman WANTS it all, and not every woman is content CHASING it all. Why we haven’t risen up and campaigned against this ridiculous notion is beyond me…

Back to the point. So we started praying and then things started happening. Like an avalanche. Have you ever seen footage of an avalanche? Have you seen how fast they move? Whew – picture me as one of those snowmobilers racing it down the mountainside… LOL. And it appears that so far I’m keeping ahead…

Roy had a job interview – and a 2nd job interview – and then got a letter saying he didn’t get the job. A 9-5, regular paycheck job. And then he was offered additional clients at his current job to help fill the gaps. One door closes, another opens.

And I have these friends who are so wise – whether they are 23 or 43 – and they say these things that strike me at exactly the right time and lift me up, faster & higher than the chasing avalanche, and I catch my breath and find a way to “hang ten” and surf… And go along for the ride… And then I stretch out my wings and soar…

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  1. NanaBaker Says:

    OH YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL! YOU GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL DOLL – (That’s not literal, of course, you know that…)

  2. NanaBaker Says:

    Well, atleast not the “BIG’ part…that was the point intended. =D

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