Quitting my Day Job

So today, I gave notice that I am quitting my job.  My reasons are personal – our girls need me at home.  On one hand, it’s very nerve-wracking – we will become a one-income family in a two-income world.  On the other hand, it was very relieving to talk and turn it in – in writing – to say that I am going to be home to take care of my family.

I am a little overwhelmed by the prospect.  Curly is a life force to be reckoned with, and until now, I’ve only been doing that on a part time basis.  Tater has spent most of her tiny little life at her Mama’s house, hanging out with her Papa, and since my 7 week maternity leave, has only had evenings, weekends, and midnight visits with me.  I am intimidated.  I am exhilerated.  I am really humbled.  I am really walking into the life I always said I wanted.

Although I know there will be many challenges – and there will be – and although I’m sure my life will revolve around potty training & p-o-o-p stories, counting hours until naptime or bedtime so I can FINALLY take a shower, at the same time, I really look forward to reading Bible stories and watching videos with my girls, teaching Tater sign language in ways I couldn’t with Curly (she’s not hearing impaired – it’s just a way to communicate before she can speak), we get to play in the garden and warm sunshine, ride bikes and go for walks, bake cookies and clean up messes.  I anticipate NAPS again and playing together.  I look forward to field trips & Mommy’s Day Out. 

I have enjoyed my job and enjoyed the growth I’ve experienced there as a woman.  Now I get to experience a different kind of growth and enjoyment as a woman – being a full-time wife & mom.  And if all goes well, our one-income will eventually grow into two as I tackle a new challenge – my Working from Home business…

2 Responses to “Quitting my Day Job”

  1. Dawn Mackesy Says:

    I’m SO happy for you Deb! I always knew this is what you wanted…from the time we were young! Congrats on reaching this goal…and having the courage to actually do it! I’m really proud of you. 🙂 Keep me updated!!!!

  2. NanaBaker Says:

    SOOO EXCITED ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING ADVENTURES HON! God will give you strength and wisdom, and you won’t ever be sorry you decided to stay home with your kids. God will bless and provide in ways you never could have figured out on paper. I’m thrilled for your dreams to be coming true!!!!XO

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