My Life Is Just Getting Started

Who knew that recent events in this 38-year old woman’s life would mean the start of a new life?  Wow – today was my first day as a FULL-TIME MOM.  I was given an early, albeit abrupt, reprieve from “my day job” and find that although my emotions are all over the place, mentally – I’m SOOOOO ready to be home with my girls. 

I’ll be frank – both girls were at their Mama’s house for about 6 hours – I ran a lot of errands and spent some time at home getting some things taken care of.  Tomorrow will be a repeat – and I plan to get things done around the house to get myself in the mode of managing our house & home, as well as my new business venture.

Curly woke up later than the rest of us this morning and after Roy left for work, she put her hands on either side of my face and said, “You no go work today?” as she shook her head.  I said, “No, Mommy won’t go to work anymore.”  And she sighed a happy sigh and hugged me tight.

Does it get any better than that???

So, I have plans to get a schedule, work out a routine, and enjoy my girls this summer.  We’ve already got passes for the Zoo, and plan to spend a lot more time together.  I even got to meet Roy for a latte this morning – that was really great!!!  All in all, I got some shopping done – got some tasks completed around the house – and started making a bit of headway in my work at home business. 

It’s a New Day and a brand new Adventure!



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