Staying Alive

Well, it has been a very interesting and full week being at home.  I’ve enjoyed it.  I’ve been frustrated by it.  I’ve wondered what the heck I’m doing.  And I’ve completely reveled in it at times – like a kid jumping into a pile of leaves. 

My girls are a BUNCH of fun.  A bunch of work and two very active bundles with attitude (why am I surprised by that?) – but it has been SO MUCH FUN to visit with them throughout the day and talk with them and watch them. 

Curly thinks & acts like a 5 year old, although she won’t be 3 until August.  I say 5 year old because that’s the age of her cousin, Kylo, who was a regular playmate of hers.  They will still have the opportunity to play together, but not quite as often or for the extended length of time.

Tater is having the biggest adjustment to make.  once I went back to work – all she knew was going to her Mamaw & Papaw’s every day – and she’s had some SERIOUS withdrawals from her Papaw.  And he from her.  He’s called our house several times in the past week – probably the most he’s called in the past couple of months.  They are two peas in a pod!

Making a schedule & routine for us every day is at the VERY top of my list of things to do.  Last week we pretty well took things easy, and in some ways it became exasperating.  So today – MONDAY – I’m writing out a schedule of events for the rest of the week.  I’m  going to work out a part-time schedule with Mamaw for the next couple of weeks, which will probably help ALL of us make this adjustment…

Nothing like waking up to my girls and being able to lounge around together eating breakfast in our PJs in the mornings. 

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