a day in the life…

3:34 am – groggily awake to shrieking coming from another room.  stumble into the hall and determine that it’s Tater.  the shrieking continues through the diaper change and ends only when the bottle is shoved into her mouth.

6:15 am – awake to alarm for husband. hit snooze.

6:24 am – snooze alarm goes off. hit snooze again.

6:33 am – snooze alarm goes off. gets turned off.  brief cuddling with Roy ensues. Roy gets up to take shower – Curly wakes up and says “i waked up!”  she is ushered into bed with me where we cuddle for a few minutes, where she enthusiasticlaly exclaims, “i lub you.”  after Roy’s shower i hear him say good morning to Tater who is now carried into the room.  fully awake and in desperate need of a shower, curly’s favorite show is turned on, while Roy & Tater head to the living room. 

6:45 am – AHHHHHHHHHHHH – the shower.  there is nothing like a nice hot shower to start the day.

7:00 am – realize my back is really sore, my hormones feel like they’re raging – oh yay – Ms. Hyde is around the corner, while roy suggests that maybe we’re pregnant…

7:15 am – Roy leaves for work, kissing us all goodbye (wishing he could stay with us).  he asks me what my plans are, and i remind him that i don’t make plans for now.  he asks what my goals are: dishes. laundry. curly to TAKE a nap so i can make some phone calls and get some chores done. 

7:30 am – breakfast of mini bagels & bananas for everyone. chicken little is playing much to the amusement of curly. tater eats her mashed bananas with gusto. i had time to brew some coffee and its lovely aroma fills the house. i’m starting to wake up!  a nice hot cup of coffee is about the only thing better than a nice hot shower.  oh, but my hair needs dried.  dangit – i missed the “optimum hair drying” window and settle for something styled, but not voluminous.

7:35 am – Curly is attempting to poop in her pull-up. she is threatened with having chicken little turned off unless she goes upstairs. she decides she can poop on Dora. which she does (YES!)  Dora is thoroughly disinfected.

7:45 am – breakfast done. tater needs a bath – but we settle for a sponge bath and quick cleanup of the bananas in her hair (remember – bananas add shine to hair, so the longer they set the better…)

8:00 am – dishes are tackled – while tater hangs onto my ankles. one sinkful completed!

8:10 am – roy calls – he left his cell phone at home.  just letting me know. curly left a chunk of banana on her chair, which tater now finds and attempts to stuff in her mouth – roy & i end our call and banana is promptly thrown away.

8:20 am – cell phone rings. not mine – it’s roy’s.

8:30 am – tater is crying – bottle is made. she is contented.  for now.

8:40 am – chicken little is ending, and curly & i are dancing to “shake your tailfeather”

8:45 am – curly is caught trying to poop in her pull-up again. alrighty – “no coffee (peppermint hot cocoa), no ice cream, no toenails painted.”  dora is once again called upon and holds up well.  dump – rinse – disinfected. again.

8:50 am – cell phone rings. not mine – it’s roy’s.  roy’s phone is turned off.

9:00 am – tater is discovered chewing on the edge of the dora potty bowl. GAG ME. however, it was thoroughly disinfected, so it is simply put together and out of the way in the living room.

9:05 am – one set of washed dishes is put away. second set into the sink. (small sink – small counters – it’s a work in progress).

9:10 am – laundry is started in washer. mind you, this is a load that was washed yesterday, but sat long enough in the washer to smell a little off, so a few more clothes are added. towels are next.

so – for the rest of the day…

finish laundry.  figure out lunch.  get tater over to mamaw’s. get curly down for a nap successfully. watch webcast with invited guest for Work At Home United.  Make phone calls for WAHU while curly is sleeping.  practice persuasive speech due sunday.  figure out who will be my audience… MAYBE get to watch a movie, too???  figure out what’s for dinner. get living room vacuumed.  pick tater up. have dinner when roy gets home.  RELAX…

okay – gotta run. tater needs a nap – curly disappeared into her room and it’s gotten a little too quiet…


2 Responses to “a day in the life…”

  1. Dawn Mackesy Says:

    OMG! I honestly believe you are crazy! How can you get all that done woman!?!?!?!? 🙂 It seems like you are enjoying your time at home! It’s busier when you are at home then when you get to go to work, though, isn’t it?!?! That’s how my summers are. The days just FLY by! Wish we could get together this summer. That would be so much fun!!! Have a good rest of the week! Dawn

  2. NanaBaker Says:

    YOU NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME! I loved your ‘visual’ of
    staying at home being like jumping into a pile of leaves…that’s soo true! Then once the leaves scatter, you get to rake them up all over again! Oh the fun of life!!
    Enjoy those busy busy days – you’ll never regret you stayed home with them!! XO

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