Today is a New Day

I realized yesterday that being home has removed almost ALL of the long-term stress I was feeling for awhile.  Don’t get me wrong – I have stressful moments – and plenty of them.  But I’m talking about that long-term stress – the kind that keeps you awake at night, that keeps your stomach churning, that brings lasting headaches…

It’s not that I don’t work or that I’m not busy or that I get everything crossed off my list every day.  That’s not reality.  I’m not sure my house is cleaner (yet) or that I’m more organized (but I’m practicing) – but I am much calmer internally than I have been in, well, I can’t remember how long it’s been.

Being a servant?  Well, that’s probably the biggest obstacle I need to face.  Ugh – I hate waiting on people.  Waitressing is NOT my cup of tea.  But these people I’m talking about are my husband and my children.  And despite what “everybody” says – there really is no important job in my life than to serve my husband and children.  That much I do know.  Adjusting my attitude accordingly?  Well, I know where my 9 month old gets her “bad attitude…”

Speaking of which – Tater had her 9 month checkup yesterday.  All is well.  She’s 30″ long!!!  She weighs just under 20 lbs – so she’s long and lean like her daddy was.  Her hair seems to be straight for now, but we’ll see if she’s gonna have some waves or curls like her big sister…

Curly has stories that I wish I could share here every day.  She says stuff that blows my mind!  Yesterday, Tater was getting ready to go and had her sunbonnet on, and Curly looks at her, grins, and strokes her cheek and says “Dear Child!”  As if she’s 52, not 2!!!  Roy says she’s JUST like me…  I can’t deny that, can I?

Well, I need a quick shower (Tater is napping) and have a phone call to make.  Then we three girly-girls are going to see Roy at work and get Curly’s enrollment papers turned in for Mommy’s Day Out in the fall. WOOHOO!!!

My business is starting to move along.  It’s taken me some adjusting, but I’m getting there, and am happy what I’m doing.  For more info – click here.

Otherwise – Make it a Great Day – and a Great Weekend!

The Queen Mommy

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  1. NanaBaker Says:

    DEAREST DAUGHTER O’MINE! YOU NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME! Sounds like it’s gonna be a great day for you girls!
    That Claira Ruth cracks me up! Such a child she is – and sooo much like her mama! So happy to know you’ve felt the stress of working, melting away. You won’t ever regret you’ve chosen to stay home with your babes! XO

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